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The terrorist attack at the Munich Olympics: released information about the torture inflicted on the Israelis

The New York Times published on December 1, the material on the terrorist attack at the Olympics in Munich in 1972. In this article, we describe the facts that have long disappeared from the public, and were known only to the investigators and to the widows of the dead sportsmen.

The publication States that in September 1992 the widow of weightlifter Ilana Romano and fencing coach Andre Spitzer, were invited to his lawyer, who yesterday received from Germany a few photos. The lawyer felt that women need to see them to know how he spent his last hours of life of their husbands. Ilana Romano and the Anki Spitzer acquainted with the materials, and then promised not to tell anyone about what they have learned.

The article about how 20 hours of Israeli athletes were subjected to torture, humiliation.

According to widows Romano and Spitzer, twenty years after the attack, German authorities agreed to let the Israelites hundreds of pages from the case, which previously held back. Relatives of the other athletes with these documents also reviewed.

The article also States that both women agreed to appear in a documentary film, devoted to the terrorist attack at the Munich Olympics. It is expected that the film with shocking details will be released in early 2016.

September 5, 1972 eight Palestinian terrorists from the group Black September attacked the Israeli team’s residence in the Olympic village in Munich. The militants killed two athletes and took nine more hostage to the Israelis.

The terrorists demanded the release from Israeli prisons of members of the Palestine liberation Organization, but the Prime Minister of Israel Golda Meir refused to comply with the demands of the militants.

The German authorities have been negotiating with terrorists until late in the evening. Was considered an attempt to carry out the operation to free the hostages, but this idea refused, as special forces, able to cope with this challenge, Germany was not there, and foreign aid, the authorities refused.

Then the terrorists together with the hostages, two helicopters delivered to the airport of Fürstenfeldbruck, where they had prepared a plane to send to Cairo. The German authorities planned to put under the guise of the crew of the disguised police and neutralize the militants, but in the end, and this plan had to be abandoned because of the unpreparedness of the police for such circumstances.

Two terrorists, who was on the plane, found that the liner is empty, and panicked. At this point the police opened fire on the militants. During the firefight, the terrorists killed all nine of the Israelis and blew up a grenade one of the two helicopters.

Five terrorists were shot dead, three others arrested.

After the attack, the Israeli government decided to liquidate the leadership of the group «Black September», responsible for organizing the attack. Destroyed all the leaders of this organization, except the UDA Muhammad (Abu Daoud), who died in Damascus in July 2010, and Amin al-Hindi, who died in August of the same year in Jordan.

According to declassified Israeli archival documents, the German security ignored a number of warnings about the threat of a terrorist attack at the Olympics in Munich, and then, a few weeks after the events described, began to cooperate with the PLO.

The terrorist attack at the Munich Olympics: released information about the torture inflicted on the Israelis 02.12.2015

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