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The third debate of the democratic candidates: after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino economy has faded into the background

On Saturday, December 19, in new-Hampshire held its third and last television debate between presidential candidates from the Democratic party of the United States. In the center of the debate was the fight against «Islamic state» and the differences between the candidates on economic issues, but Hillary Clinton, being the more experienced politician than Barney Sanders, in connection with the attack in San Bernardino and caused a panic among Americans, found themselves in a more advantageous position than its opponents.

In the debate participated former U.S. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, who, according to polls, is still the leading presidential candidate of the Democratic party, 73-year-old Senator is a Jew from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, and Governor of Maryland Martin O’malley is the youngest and severely lagging behind their rivals by the applicant.

Democratic debate began with an unexpected apology Bernie Sanders to address Hillary Clinton and their constituents. The Senator apologized to Clinton for hacking its database of voters, committed by employees of the campaign headquarters of Sanders, and offered his rival together to investigate the incident.

Note that the debate Democrats traditionally differed sharply from debate the Republicans ‘ lack of personal attacks and presence of discussion on a really important for Americans theme. In this case, Clinton, Sanders and O’malley unanimously denounced their Republican opponents, and in particular Donald trump for racist remarks addressed to the Mexicans and Muslims. Hillary Clinton has accused trump that he not only fuels ethnic conflict within the country, but also promotes the entry of American Muslims in the ranks of the IG.

As Sanders and O’malley accused Hillary Clinton in her close ties with wall Street and favorable to large corporations economic policy, which, as stated by Sanders, «making the rich richer». While Sanders, who plays for raising taxes for the richest sectors of the population, and failed to explain clearly how he intends to increase taxes and split into smaller financial structure of large banks whose failure could have serious consequences for the U.S. economy.

While most attention has been paid during the debate, different approaches of candidates to the fight against terrorism. Hillary Clinton once again expressed its approval of the policy regarding Islamic state Barack Obama. Clinton stressed that the international community must achieve regime change in Syria, and said that if the US does not play the role of world leader in the fight against terror, in the world formed a vacuum.

Clinton said Sanders, who advocated to put an end to facilitate regime change in Syria and focus on fighting the «Islamic state» that the most effective way Isil can only fight local forces, and the United States should support the Syrian opposition as Assad has already shown that it is not able to stand up to terror.

According to most analysts, the former Secretary of state and in this debate took the leading position, because the recent terrorist attacks in Europe and in the USA contributed to the fact that the Central theme of the next election was national security, not social and economic reform. Clinton, being the more experienced politician, more sensitive to mood of voters, as well as, having experience of the Secretary of state, is perceived by Americans as a more reliable candidate to fight terror.

While Barney Sanders, warmly supported by the representatives of the democratic liberal wing, is losing popularity among the bulk of voters, because it continues to insist that the social and economic problems of concern to Americans no less than the problem of terror.

American media have also noted that Sanders intelligent way to debate, a readiness to admit their mistakes and shaky stance on security issues may force even his supporters to vote in the primaries for Clinton, because they fear that Sanders will not be able to resist the aggressive posture the Republican candidates.

The first formal prajmeriz will be held on the first Tuesday of October in new Hampshire, where, according to polls, the leading position is occupied by Barney Sanders. However, on 1 February in Iowa will host the first informal primaries, or so-called Iowa Caucus (Congress factions) that can set the tone of all future pre-election race. Most analysts predict an Iowa win, Clinton.

The third debate of the democratic candidates: after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino economy has faded into the background 20.12.2015

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