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The Times: MI-5 believes that a former spy Sergei Skripal tried to kill Russians

In advance of the poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter investigate as associated with Russia, the attempted assassination, reports The Times, citing sources in the British government.

«Sources said that the first signs point to the attack with the support of the state, and in this way it is regarded by the police and counterintelligence MI-5. Not excluded is also an alternative version: a commitment by rival groups to slander Russia and undermine the regime of Vladimir Putin or personal dispute,» the report journalists.

The Times reports that as part of the investigation will be considered the death of his wife Lyudmila Skripal, who died from cancer in 2012, and the death of his 44-year-old son Alexander in St. Petersburg in 2014. Presumably Julia (daughter. – Approx. ed.) last week came from Moscow to support her father on the day of the birth of Alexander on March 1.

In connection with these events has increased the pressure on Theresa May, the article notes. A senior government source told the newspaper that the Prime Minister ought to make a statement, «are we going to confront Russia or not going to do anything and will look weak.»

«If it is confirmed that the attack was Russia’s first known case, when the Kremlin tried to kill the agent, after an exchange of spies. In addition, after killing the son of Leon Trotsky in 1937 during Stalin’s «great purge», this may be the first case of revenge of the Moscow children of the victim,» – says the correspondent.

Government experts, apparently, ruled out the use of radioactive substances, put forward versions about opiate. Sources told the BBC that Skripal is in intensive care and «he’s not good.» «We are treating the symptoms and not the cause, but it is not the best direction», – said the people.

The Minister of foreign Affairs Boris Johnson, speaking in the House of Commons, admitted that the «alarming» incident recalls the death of Alexander Litvinenko. «Although it would be wrong to prejudge the outcome of the investigation, I can assure the House of Commons that in the case of evidence of state involvement in the incident by Her Majesty’s government will respond appropriately and decisively,» he said.

«If it is confirmed that the incident was an assault under state support, Ministers will be under the burden of need the first thing to take to implement the so-called «Magnitsky amendment», which allows you to freeze the British assets of human rights violators. The government could also block the import of liquefied natural gas,» reports The Times.

The parliamentary Committee on internal Affairs, meanwhile, was asked to consider the 14 deaths that the police had not considered suspicious, but which may be tied with Russia.

The Russian foreign Ministry has called baseless allegations about the possible involvement of Moscow. The official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that Britain should first investigate the incident.

The Times: MI-5 believes that a former spy Sergei Skripal tried to kill Russians 07.03.2018

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