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The Times: «the inner circle» of Vladimir Putin «has amassed a $ 24 billion»

«A relative of President Putin, which earns 8.5 million dollars a year, amassed a personal fortune of $ 573 million dollars, and the «inner circle» of the President in General has saved the state totaling about $ 24 billion,» writes The Times correspondent Tom Parfitt, citing a report by the organization of investigative journalists «the centre for the study of corruption and organized crime» (OCCRP).

According to OCCRP, «49-year-old Mikhail Shelomov, the son of Putin’s cousin love Shelomova, holds most of its capital into shares of large corporations associated with the «inner circle» of the Russian leader,» reports the author. The organization argues that Karlin is one of the three Russians, «who own huge assets, avoid publicity, [and] does not seem to be too knowledgeable about their own companies.»

«The official Russian documents show that the assets Shelomova controlled by the St. Petersburg company «Aktsept», – stated in the article. «Reporters from OCCRP found out that at the end of last year, «Acceptance» has become a 50 percent owner of the company called «Igora drive», which is building a race track near St. Petersburg estimated cost of $ 200 million, writes Parfitt. – The trail will pass near the Igora ski resort, which is used by Putin and which was the secret place of the wedding of his youngest daughter in 2013. Co-owner of the highway – Yuri Kovalchuk, the billionaire, whom the U.S. Treasury described as a «personal banker» of Putin when Kovalchuk contributed to the sanctions list three years ago.»

Karlin, who works for the daughter of a public company engaged in the transportation of petroleum products, denies committing any offenses, the newspaper writes. When OCCRP contacted him and asked about the race track, he expressed surprise, saying: «why do you me call, turn to me?» When he was reminded that his business owns half the company building the track, he added: «I have heard, of course. Heard, but no more.»

According to OCCRP, Solomon is associated with the President through a network of business ties and also kinship. «Since 2004, «Acceptance» received a loan in the amount of $ 18 million with no repayment schedule from a Panamanian company and acquired a stake in Bank Rossiya, whose majority shareholders are Kovalchuk and Gennady Timchenko, another tycoon under U.S. sanctions, and Putin’s friend, – reports the edition. – «Acceptance» for 14.6 million dollars, has acquired 12,5% of «SOGAZ», insurance company of the state energy giant Gazprom. In 2009 he also took over a company «platinum» with assets of 324 million dollars, which is associated with the Bank, controlled by brothers Arkady and Boris Rotenberg, friends and former judo partners of Putin who won large government construction contracts».

According to reports by OCCRP, the other two men in the top three are 66-year-old cellist Sergei Roldugin, the godfather of the eldest daughter of Putin and Petr Kolbin, a childhood friend of the President, reports Parfitt.

«Kolbin, a former butcher, who said he is not engaged in business, became a shareholder in the company, which co-owner is Timchenko, occupying 3rd place in the list of the richest people of Russia, – says the article. – This company, Gunvor, once traded about a third of the volume of Russian oil.»

The Times: «the inner circle» of Vladimir Putin «has amassed a $ 24 billion» 27.10.2017

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