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The torture of prisoners Sverdlovsk colony became known to the press

Employees of the Department of the RF IC in Sverdlovsk region are checking on the fact of mockeries at prisoners of a corrective colony N2 in Yekaterinburg, which «drowned» in the toilet and brutally beaten. Videos of these illegal actions were made public by a news Agency 66.

«As part of verification activities, in particular, will be set the origin published in the media information, the time and place of the shootings, as well as persons who were shot and produced the video,» according to the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

According to the results of the checks conducted by the investigator of the Investigative Committee for procedural decision will be made, added in the Department of RF IC.

On one of the rollers, where the prisoner put in the toilet, the guards accompany these actions shouts of «Come on, crawling, rat in the toilet!» Some video editors will not publish because of their excessive cruelty.

The second video is the same, the convict lies on the tile floor with his back to the handcuffed hands. Judging by the extensive bruising on his back, the man was badly beaten up – he groaned and the head of the victim was visible from the wound.

IC-2 is infamy: human rights defenders for decades trying to prove that they were beating prisoners. However, the collection of evidence is impeded by the current in the colony «system of information protection»: convicts subjected to such humiliation that, even after release, they continue to remain silent, writes

Some prisoners take a kind of release, in which prisoners undertake never to disclose information about the IR-2 and currently active orders. In case of non-fulfillment of commitments made in advance permits a prisoner to rape him and «place in the harem.» A screenshot of such a «subscription about nondisclosure» published together with the rollers, the paper is dated 2012.

The torture of prisoners Sverdlovsk colony became known to the press 18.02.2016

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