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The tragedy in the Urals: the woman killed year-old daughter and committed suicide

Law enforcement bodies of the Chelyabinsk region opened a criminal investigation in connection with the suicide of a young woman, stradajosie mental disorder, which threw one-year-old daughter from the window of the ninth floor, and then jumped after her.

The tragedy occurred Wednesday at 12:30 near the house N1 on the street Sergei Bulanda in Yuzhnouralsk, where the bodies of 29-year-old local woman and her child with injuries, characteristic for falling from height, according to July 6, the official website of the regional Department of the RF IC.

By the time of arrival of «first aid» the woman and her daughter were alive – they died from his injuries in the hospital.

To date, it is known that a woman was registered in the local psychiatric hospital due to a mental illness and had previously attempted suicide.

The deceased was married to the military, with whom he raised two children. Four-year-old son during the tragedy was in kindergarten, and my husband is at work, reports the edition «Telefakta»

A criminal case under paragraph «C» of part 2 of article 105 of the criminal code («murder of a minor known by the perpetrator in a helpless state»). «Currently installs all the circumstances of the incident. On a scene employees of Department of criminalistics of investigatory management. The criminal investigation is taken on control by the leadership of the investigation Department», –is said in the press release of the RF IC.

The tragedy in the Urals: the woman killed year-old daughter and committed suicide 06.07.2016

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