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The transport Ministry promises to stranded drivers a free initial service

In the coming months, the Ministry of transport and national road company of «Netivei Israel» will introduce a new service. Primary assistance to drivers stranded on the roadway or on the roadside due to vehicle malfunction or other reasons, will provide the staff teams of special-purpose vehicles for technical assistance. The press service of mantras reports that first aid will be provided free of charge.

The Minister of transport and exploration Yisrael Katz noted that «special vehicles technical assistance will provide immediate help vehicles in distress. This step is aimed at reducing the number of cars that create traffic and dangerous traffic situation».

More than 20 companies have applied for participation in the tender for the provision of a new service to drivers across the country. The winner will be required to begin providing service, starting from mid-2016.

In the first phase we are talking about 10 cars of technical assistance, which will patrol long-distance trails throughout the country, and will also be in constant communication with the dispatch company «Netivei Israel» (tel *2120). Further, we checked the possibility of expanding the project.

Assistance will be provided to any driver who made an emergency stop of the vehicle on the roadside or on the roadway, for one reason or another, ranging from first aid, and light including the elimination of a technical problem in cases such as replacement wheels, engine overheating, etc.

The response time should be a matter of minutes. Cars technical assistance will be equipped with the latest technology and can provide primary assistance to the car with almost any problem.

Note that today two cars technical assistance this format work on the First highway project for its reconstruction. They have already helped thousands of drivers.

The transport Ministry promises to stranded drivers a free initial service 22.02.2016

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