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The truce in HOMS, opposition forces leave the city

Opponents and supporters of President Assad have reached an agreement for a humanitarian pause in located in Western Syria city of HOMS. The ceasefire is intended to allow civilians to leave rebel-held areas.

Three buses with refugees left the area Wager. Expected by the end of the day controlled by opponents of the regime of the city will leave about 750 people. Preference is given to women, children and wounded.

The city will also be able to leave the militants irreconcilable opposition, including from the group «Dzhabhat EN-Nusra». The process of removing Assad’s opponents will be phased and will take about two months, after which the city will come under the full control of government troops. The agreement provides for the removal from the city’s blockade.

HOMS, in 2011 became the first major city to speak out against the regime of Bashar al-Assad, called the «capital of the Syrian revolution». The success of the supporters of Assad, not least associated with the intervention of Russia in the Syrian conflict.

On the liberation of the city, which occupies a strategic position on the highway linking Damascus with the coastal Latakia, in recent weeks, concentrated the main efforts of government troops. The transition of HOMS under the control of the Assad regime is one of the major successes of the authorities since the beginning of the civil war.

The truce in HOMS, opposition forces leave the city 09.12.2015

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