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The Turkish army launched an assault on al-Baba

Units of the Turkish army and supported by Army troops, the free Syria stormed the town of al-Bab last remaining stronghold of the terrorist group «Islamic state» in the border zone.

As reported by human rights organization, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the offensive was launched in the West of al-Baba. Despite fierce resistance from the jihadists, the Turks are acting with the support of the air force, established control over the Western regions.

From the West, North and East of the city blocked by the Turkish army and groups of the Syrian opposition, from the South to the village came the units of the Syrian government troops. They are located a few kilometers from the outskirts.

On the eve of the Russian representatives had to intervene to prevent a collision of the troops of the regime and the opposition in one of the villages located to the southwest of al-Baba. The parties accused each other that they first opened fire.

The Turkish army launched an assault on al-Baba 12.02.2017

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