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The TV channel «al Jazeera» is going to court to win the right to work in Israel

According to NRG, the Israeli office of the TV channel «al Jazeera» was surprised by the fact that the Israeli government intends to displace a channel from your ether, and to deprive journalists of accreditation.

Citing a senior Israeli edition of the TV channel website NRG says that «al Jazeera» will try to defend their right to work in the Jewish state with the help of the courts.

«Al-Jazeera» upset by the actions of the state, which calls itself the only democracy in the middle East,» said the editorial staff, who did not wish that his name was published in the Israeli media. However, he said that the management network will use legal means to resolve this problem.

Sunday, August 6, communications Minister Ayoub Kara held a special press conference at which he spoke about the steps taken by the Israeli government to stop broadcasting of the TV channel «al Jazeera» and close the offices of the TV company in Israel.

Communications Minister Ayoub Kara has announced that he appealed to the government press office with a request to deprive of accreditation of journalists «al-Jazeera» and to cancel their press cards.

In addition, the government appealed to the companies, Yes and Hot with a demand to stop broadcasting «al-Jazeera», by removing the channel from their packages.

In addition, Ayoub Kara appealed to the Minister of internal security demanding the closure of the offices of «al-Jazeera» in Jerusalem and other cities.

Ayub Kara noted that many of the Sunni countries of the middle East declared war on «al-Jazeera», accusing the channel of supporting terrorism and the spread of religious extremism. «When the Arab States see that we are not fighting with «al-Jazeera», they conclude that we are in solidarity with Iran, «Hezbollah, Hamas, said Ayoub Kara at the press conference. I’m the only one in the government for whom Arabic is their mother tongue. It is impossible for me to confuse, making different news releases in English and Arabic. And I know how to distinguish incitement from freedom of speech,» the Minister said.

The TV channel «al Jazeera» is going to court to win the right to work in Israel 07.08.2017

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