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The two parts of Mosul are connected by a pontoon bridge

Engineering units of the Iraqi army in Mosul have put a pontoon ferry across the Euphrates. The new bridge is intended not only to provide a supply of reinforcements, but also to facilitate the evacuation of the civilian population of the city.

The Western and Eastern parts of Mosul were connected by five bridges. All of them were destroyed by American aircraft in the early fighting for the liberation of the town from the «Islamic state». This helped in the short term to clear the jihadists from the left Bank of the Euphrates.

Fighting for the areas located on the right Bank of the river, continue almost six months. Militants control more than 10% of Mosul, but the government forces failed to penetrate the Old city in the narrow streets which the attacker extremely difficult to operate.

Evaluation of the United Nations, fighting for the historic center of Mosul will lead to a new mass Exodus from this city. The number of refugees could reach 200,000.

«The number of people fleeing Mosul, a huge. For weeks, or even months, they ate very irregularly, and were deprived of clean drinking water and medicines,» said UN coordinator for humanitarian Affairs Lise Grande.

The two parts of Mosul are connected by a pontoon bridge 24.05.2017

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