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The U.S. Congress imposed new sanctions against Hezbollah

The U.S. Congress unanimously voted for the introduction of new economic sanctions against the Lebanese terrorist organization «Hezbollah».

Approved by Congress, the law includes three paragraphs, the first of which is directed against the organizations and individuals that supports Hizbullah financially, as well as recruiting militants and supply of weapons.

The second paragraph concerns the accusations against Hizbullah and Iran over the use of civilians as human shields during the fighting.

The third paragraph calls upon the European Union to declare Hizbullah a terrorist organization.

It should be noted that the sanctions were also to refer to Lebanese commercial banks, however, apparently visited the Washington high-ranking Lebanese delegation succeeded in excluding them from the list of sanctioned facilities.

Recall that the United States declared Hizbullah a terrorist organization in 1997. In early October, 2017 U.S. Department of state announced a reward in the amount of $ 12 million for the capture of the two leaders of Hizbullah.

Of this amount, $ 7 million is assigned to the «head» of Jamie Talal, who heads the unit of Hizbullah, responsible for carrying out terrorist attacks outside Lebanon. He is also suspected of involvement in abductions of American citizens and attacks against American facilities.

$ 5 million will get someone who will give Fuad Sukara responsible for the activities of Hizbullah in southern Lebanon.

The U.S. Congress imposed new sanctions against Hezbollah 26.10.2017

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