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The U.S. has developed a new drug to fight obesity

American scientists have developed a drug that reduces appetite and normalizes the metabolism, reports the magazine New Scientist.

The main component of the drug is protein GDF15 regulating body weight in mammals. This effect has been known for several years, but only now researchers from the pharmaceutical company Amgen was able to create a medical tool in which a protein loses its effectiveness when injected into the blood. The stability of the compounds associated with the presence of drug specific antibodies that block the process of disintegration of GDF15, RIA Novosti reported.

The drug was tested on monkeys, obese, showing that it significantly reduces appetite, prevents fat deposition and accelerates the process of burning. Experimental animals were eating 40% less, and body weight decreased by 10%.

Scientists also claim that the periodic injection of GDF15 reduces the risk of developing diabetes.

Clinical trials will start soon.

The U.S. has developed a new drug to fight obesity 20.10.2017

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