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The U.S. is preparing another anti-Iranian sanctions. Review of the Russian media

The administration of U.S. President Barack Obama prepares sanctions against companies and individuals suspected of involvement in Iran’s program to develop ballistic missiles. About it writes on Thursday the newspaper «Kommersant» with reference to The Wall Street Journal and American officials familiar with the situation. Under the restrictive measures will be taken to the companies and individuals who are suspected of involvement in the development of Iranian missile programmes from Iran, Hong Kong and UAE.

The newspaper reminds that earlier this month, Iran conducted a test launch of a ballistic medium-range missiles, according to the United States is a violation of two resolutions of the UN Security Council.

Moscow demands from Ankara to take urgent measures against Turkish citizen Alparslana of Celik, who shot the pilot of the su-24 shot down Turkish air force in the skies over Syria on 24 November 2015, according zavlenie the RF Ministry of foreign Affairs cited «Russian newspaper». The Russian Federation demands from the Turkish authorities the involvement of Celik and his associates to trial for killing the Russian pilot, as well as for participation in hostilities on the side of illegal armed formations on the territory of a foreign state, noted in comments to the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

The same magazine publishes an article called «To Ukraine’s default one more day», which States: «31 December will expire on the last day of the fraternal Republic can still pay the debt to our country 3 billion dollars to avoid a default. If payment is not made before the fight Chimes of the new year, after the holidays, Russia will resort to international arbitration court».

On the eve of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine introduced a moratorium on debt repayment. «The government of Ukraine adopted a decision to impose a moratorium on $ 3 billion debt, not that we took and which were not than other, as a bribe Kremlin former Ukrainian President for not signing the free trade Agreement with the EU.

This may surprise and do the unexpected maneuver in 2016, having strengthened by 20%, and in the future becoming a currency of global importance, writes on Thursday the newspaper «Izvestia» with reference to the German newspaper Die Welt.

Due to the vastness of the country and its natural resources, the ruble has all chances to become the currency of global importance. Although low oil prices put pressure on the Russian economy, Die Welt, experts see potential for the recovery of the Russian currency in 2016 – the ruble may make an unexpected maneuver. «The oil price during the year may be starting to recover, and this will give a boost ruble» the edition quotes the words of Ronald Snyder, a specialist in emerging markets the company Raiffaisen Capital Management.

The same magazine publishes an article titled «U.S. Intelligence in a panic because of plans by Russia to strengthen its Navy «Calibers», which States that America is concerned about the increased use of Russian cruise missiles of sea basing. The newspaper refers to Bloomberg and the report of the office of naval intelligence.

According to the Agency, the U.S. intelligence officers learned that the Russian Navy plans to deploy cruise missiles «Caliber», which is «brilliant» itself during operations in Syria, on a small military ships — missile boats and corvettes. And this, says the report of the office of naval intelligence, «will greatly enhance their ability to destroy military targets».

Komsomolskaya Pravda publishes an interview with the famous Russian writer Zakhar patriot Prilepine, which is headlined by a quote from his speech: «Russia has again become the power, there was no other way».

«It was surprising to see some examples of the stoicism and courage demonstrate the Russian people in the Donbass. It’s worth it. These qualities with Tolstoy wrote in «Sevastopol sketches». Block wrote about this in «the Kulikovo field»… Can I call it joyful? No. But light is light, Yes, you can,» said the Prilepin.

Speaking about the war with the Ukrainians, the writer justifies his point of view as follows: «Pushkin was not shy to sing «dispute among themselves Slavs», with conviction standing on the side of Russia. To him the conflict seemed unworthy. I haven’t started a long speech about the fact that Kyiv policy objective: a) dependent, b) despise the Ukrainian people and lead him to disaster, in) Russian people have the right to sovereignty in their historic lands. The joke about Brighton beach may not utter, I heard her. Any war can start on foreign soil. It would be a wonderful and great salvation, if Great Patriotic happened on foreign soil».

The U.S. is preparing another anti-Iranian sanctions. Review of the Russian media 31.12.2015

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