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The U.S. President will announce the closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison, a promise fulfilled in 8 years

This Tuesday, February 23, at 10:30 am East coast time, President Barack Obama will hold a press conference at the White house, during which will close the military prison at Guantanamo Bay.

Obama promised to do during his first campaign eight years ago, the newspaper reminds US Today.

On the eve of the White house press Secretary Josh Ernest said that the closure of the prison will be carried out in the interests of national security, as well as to demonstrate to the taxpayers that this government is able to manage their money.

The article says that currently at guantánamo prisoner 91, each of which costs U.S. citizens $ 3 million annually.

Ernest stressed that there are alternative methods of dealing with terror, which cost less and benefit more. In addition, the existence of such a birth of the prison, causing substantial damage to the image of the USA as a propaganda tool in the hands of terrorists.

If you recall, this infamous prison is located on the Eastern coast of Cuba. This plot of land leased by the U.S. government for a period of 113 years. There are terrorists detained during the war on terror since 2002. Some human rights activists call it the «legal black hole».

By the time of the coming to power of Obama in guantánamo were detained 242 people. It is noted that a record mark for this place – 700 prisoners, but then the Pentagon has transferred less dangerous terrorists to other countries, leaving the prison only those who pose the greatest threat.

The prison at guantánamo began to disband several years ago. The prisoners were sent home or to third countries. Obama, who planned to close the prison much earlier, encountered stiff resistance on Capitol hill, but all these years the White house has not stopped efforts to achieve this goal.

The U.S. President will announce the closure of the Guantanamo Bay prison, a promise fulfilled in 8 years 23.02.2016

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