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The U.S. state Department is betting on the leader of «Ocean Elzy». Review of the Russian media

Warsaw demanded that Moscow to charge the two controllers at the airport in Smolensk, which, according to the Polish side, is guilty of the plane crash President Lech Kaczynski, but the Russian side rejected it. About this newspaper «Kommersant» with reference to TV channel TVN and military Prosecutor’s office of Poland. The Polish representative Marcin Maxian Prosecutor’s office stated that the request was rejected on 29 January as a «non-performance». The Russian party has not commented the situation

The increasing trend in recent years of the military doctrine of Russia include the modeling of nuclear strikes on NATO countries and its allies, in particular in Sweden, according to PATO. Such actions destabilize the security system of the Alliance, said Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, says the same publication.

Oil tanker with sailors from Russia, Georgia and the Philippines was captured in Nigeria – armed group demands a ransom in exchange for the release of prisoners, writes «Rossiyskaya Gazeta»
Confirmed as Director for the Danish security company Risk Intelligence Dirk Stephan, the ship was captured on 31 January. MT tanker Leon Dias belongs to a Greek company. Hostage, according to preliminary estimates, can be up to five people, including two Russians, Filipino and Georgian. Other members of the crew of the captured ship data are not yet available.

The German party has not provided information about the investigation of the incident with 13-year-old Russian woman Lisa, said the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova during the Thursday briefing, writes the same publication.

«The foreign Ministers of Russia and Germany discussed the issue. From Germany there were assurances that no data will be otivates, and all information on diplomatic channels will be provided, as the victims are the citizen of the Russian Federation. A week has passed. No information on diplomatic channels was not provided, I hope that assurances will not remain just assurances», – stated the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry.

«The problems of Schengen shifted to Greece» – the article published on Thursday, «the Independent newspaper».

The European Commission has sent Greece a list of recommendations on the admission of migrants and the protection of the external borders of the EU. Athens will give three months of their execution, and if this fails, then the period for which the member state of the Schengen agreements has the right to temporarily take back control of their borders inside the zone of free movement can be increased from six months to two years. Diplomats explain that this is not an attempt to punish Greece, and the only possible way out of the crisis.

According to a diplomatic source in Brussels, a scenario in which nothing will be done and Germany just off the border control in may, when the number of arriving migrants will start to reach peaks unimaginable. Berlin does not want to impose restrictions in violation of the Schengen agreements, as it will be «the beginning of the end». Therefore, it remains the third, the only possible course of action: to try to buy time.

The British foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has suspected Russia of desire to use the peace process in Syria with the aim to create a separate Alawite mini-state headed by Bashar Assad. In the case of the Vienna process will fail, the country could collapse, experts say. The probability of failure of the Geneva-3 already permits the UN special envoy on Syria, Staffan de Mistura, according to NG in the article entitled «the collapse of Syria will Russia».

The British Minister, commenting on claims by Reuters Moscow, asked a question: «does Russia want the peace process or she uses it as a Fig leaf to try to provide Assad with military victories, which will lead to the creation of the Alawite mini-state in northwestern Syria?»

Writer Vsevolod Nepogodin argues that the U.S., disappointed in the current leaders of Ukraine, plan to replace them very unexpected figure – iconic vocalist of the musical group «Okean Elzy» Svyatoslav Vakarchuk. About it he writes in article entitled «the Nightingale GALICHANIN», published by the newspaper «Izvestia».
«That’s been a favorite USA on the role of the new leader of Ukraine instead of rapidly losing the sympathy of the electorate of Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk. American political strategists did a good job: they bet on the lead singer of the band «Okean Elzy» Svyatoslav Vakarchuk is not random. Vakarchuk held a six-month internship at Yale University for budding politicians from all over the world and recently delivered an open letter to the current President of Ukraine, stating that the Maidan the authorities does not justify the expectations of the people. The letter caused a considerable public resonance.

The choice of the US explain – who else from citizens of Ukraine mobilizes Mature audience of 70 thousand people at the stadium in Kiev and 50 thousand in Odessa? Concerts of «Okean Elzy» will gather full houses in all cities of Ukraine. However, I note that the activity of the choir from Lviv does not hold water. The popularity of the «Okean Elzy» purely local: beyond Ukraine, the group is not interesting to anyone, except that full room of white-red-white youth is Packed in Minsk.

Pathological faltivec, accustomed to grimace in front of a large crowd of people, has naturally hit the pencil to the American curators. «Vakarchuk has 20 years of lying from the scene Ukrainians, and believe him, so why wouldn’t he change music lies on the political?» – with this logic, apparently, adhere to the Western manipulators of the masses.

The U.S. state Department is betting on the leader of «Ocean Elzy». Review of the Russian media 04.02.2016

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