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The U.S. Supreme court has agreed to consider claims about the involvement of Saudi Arabia in September 11 attacks

District court in Manhattan rejected the demand of Saudi Arabia to stop trial on the claims, accusing the Kingdom in facilitating the attacks of September 11, 2001. Claims based on the law of justice against sponsors of terrorism (Jasta), which allows the prosecution of sovereign States.

Judge George Daniels ruled that filed in the court of claims were sufficiently substantiated to be considered in accordance with the Jasta. However, he rejected the claims of two banks and the construction companies that allegedly assisted al-Qaida, stating that these claims are beyond the jurisdiction of the court.

Recall that the law of justice against sponsors of terrorism was vetoed by President Obama, however, in September 2016 the us Congress abolished the veto – the first time for the entire period of the reign of the 44th President of the United States.

When this bill was introduced in the Senate, the government of Saudi Arabia has threatened to sell all American assets owned by the country, a total of 750 billion dollars. After the act was passed by Congress, Riyadh warned about the disastrous consequences of this step.

In the lawsuit, which occupies 194 pages, 135 of them are listed the names of those killed in the terrorist attacks on September 11, as well as their family members and people injured. They demand financial compensation from the Saudi authorities, which is charged with financial and logistical support of the terrorist organization al-Qaida, claimed responsibility for this tragedy.

Recall that 15 of the terrorists of 9/11 were citizens of Saudi Arabia. According to unconfirmed reports received as a result of the U.S. Congress, investigation, the terrorists had received assistance from officials connected with Riyadh. In Saudi Arabia these suspicions categorically rejected

The lawsuit also says that the Saudi government was aware that at least three of the perpetrators of the 9/11 terrorist attacks were associated with «al-Qaeda» – their passports contained a secret code, what the White house was not informed.

«Saudi Arabia is a duplicitous state. In dealing with the USA and other Western countries, she argues that it is fighting terrorism and «al-Qaeda», and with another – provides significant material support and resources to al-Qaida, say the plaintiffs. They are convinced that, without Saudi help, the attacks would have been impossible.

«The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is liable to the plaintiffs for all damages, injuries and death resulting from attacks of 11 September,» this is the main conclusion contained in the statement of claim.

The U.S. Supreme court has agreed to consider claims about the involvement of Saudi Arabia in September 11 attacks 29.03.2018

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