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The UBS survey: an obstacle to the unmanned flight will be passengers

The number of people who travel by aircraft will decrease sharply if will be put into operation unmanned aerial vehicles. In a survey of 8,000 people 54% said they would not fly on an unmanned plane, and only 17% agreed to it.

About it writes on Tuesday, August 8, the news service of the BBC, citing data from the research conducted by analysts at UBS, the largest financial holding company, provides various services worldwide.

In the age group from 45 to 54 years rejection of this project is the most pronounced, the attitude of young people to this innovation more loyal and 30% of respondents aged 25 to 34 years old are ready to experience it for yourself.

Implementation of unmanned flight would bring carriers a «significant economic benefits» by reducing fuel costs, pilots ‘ salaries and insurance premiums. In addition, it will improve flight safety, analysts say the Bank.

According to UBS, the first step will be the reduction in the number of pilots in the cockpit to one person, the second pilot will work remotely. However, the Bank warns that the main obstacle to unmanned flight in the near future will be the attitude of the passengers.

Concern Boeing intends to begin testing drones that will save her more than $ 26 billion next year.

Steve Landells, expert of the British Association of civil pilots (Balpa), said that automation of flight management is not new – even today, the majority of operations in the cockpit automatically. But computers sometimes fail, and someone needs to follow their work.

However, analysts at UBS this approach do not agree and remind us that the cause of 70% -80% of air accidents and disasters is the so-called «human factor» – that is, pilot error, and 15% -20% tragedies occur because of fatigue of the people sitting at the helm.

The UBS survey: an obstacle to the unmanned flight will be passengers 08.08.2017

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