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The UK received a special status in the EU and willing to stay in the Union

The Prime Minister of great Britain David Cameron announced the agreement with the European Union, guaranteeing the preservation of national interests of the country. Therefore, in a referendum about staying in the EU he would recommend to the citizens to vote for the preservation of British membership in this organization.

Announcing the agreement, David Cameron said that the European Union has recognized the right for the UK to retain the pound sterling, thereby confirming for the first time that the General market can be more than one currency. Oversight of the financial system of the country remains behind the Bank of England and British taxpayers money will not be used for assistance to Euro area countries. He also stressed that the UK and other States outside the Euro zone, has preserved the right of unilateral freedom of action.

The agreement also enshrines the principle of competitiveness. Cameron noted that it was necessary for the preservation of jobs in the UK.

The Prime Minister added that an agreement on the single energy market, which expands the number of suppliers for both the UK and the agreement on early signing of free trade agreements with the most dynamically developing States of the world — USA, Japan, China, Australia, India and New Zealand.

Cameron noted that the parties agreed to set specific reduction targets of the European regulation for business, to reduce bureaucratic expenses.

In the issue of migration from the EU to Britain, an agreement was made to refuse to accept persons with criminal records, to limit family reunification, not to provide migrants from the EU unemployment benefits and to deport them if at six months they can’t find work, etc. Immigrants from EU countries have four years to wait for full access to the British social benefits.

In addition, Cameron said that the Treaty guaranteed the right of great Britain to maintain political independence and not to participate in the EU integration. From now on, all treaties to strengthen political integration of the EU will not be distributed in the United Kingdom.

«Britain will never be part of a European super-state,» said the British leader.

The UK received a special status in the EU and willing to stay in the Union 20.02.2016

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