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The ultra-Orthodox are going to present Netanyahu ultimatum

Ultrahardcore fraction of demand from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to bring to a vote a new draft law on conscription into the IDF.

This requirement is extended by the decision of the high Court to cancel the current law, approved by the current Knesset. The ultra-Orthodox insist that the new bill does not fundamentally different from what was cancelled by the high Court.

As reported by political commentator «Kahn Beth» ze’ev Kam, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not given a clear answer regarding his intentions in this matter. Against this background, the head of the ultra-Orthodox factions are going to determine their vote for the bill on the national character of the state by promoting a new law on conscription.

On 12 September the High court of justice rejected an amendment to the law on universal military service conducted by the religious parties and allow yeshiva students not to enlist in the army.

A lawsuit against the government’s lifting of the law on equal distribution of civil burdens, was filed in the high court by the party «Yesh Atid».

The claim was considered by an expanded panel of nine judges, eight of whom came to the conclusion that the adopted two years ago, the government amendment that allows religious young men to serve in the army, contrary to the principle of equal sharing of responsibilities in society. The high court gave lawmakers a year to adopt a new law.

The leader of the SHAS party, interior Minister Aryeh Deri, commenting on the decision of the judges, said that it shows how the high court cut off from the Jewish people.

The ultra-Orthodox are going to present Netanyahu ultimatum 25.09.2017

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