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The UN admitted that Iran worked on atomic bomb. Review of Arab media

The TV channel «al Arabiya» introduces viewers to the final report on the Iranian nuclear programme, the IAEA prepared. In it the UN Agency acknowledges that Iran is engaged in military nuclear development. The most intense they were until 2003, but then another six years they were less active. The paper argues that the works were stopped in 2009, before reaching the threshold of creating a bomb. However, for the first time the IAEA has admitted that Iran’s nuclear program had undeniable military character.

Kuwaiti newspaper «al-Rai» said that Russia gave Syria s-300. It is reported that the Syrian authorities intend to declare any aircraft without the permission entered into air space of the country, a legitimate military target. It is also reported that Iran will also establish an air base in Syria. It will base two squadrons of the Iranian air force.

The TV channel «Hezbollah» «al-Manar» reports that millions of pilgrims gathered in the Holy Iraqi Shiite city of Karbala to mark the end of 40 days of mourning for the deceased here the founder of Shi’ite Islam – Imam Hussein Ibn Ali. To protect pilgrims from Sunni jihadists, authorities have taken strict security measures.

The Agency Maan reports that the Jerusalem magistrate’s court ordered the release from detention of human rights lawyer Tariq Barghouti, who is now 13-year-old boy charged with murder. The Agency notes that in the past, Barghouti accused the Israeli judiciary of complicity in crimes against Palestinians.

The London newspaper «al-Hayat» writes that after the return home of Lebanese soldiers and policemen who are in captivity, «Jabhat EN-Nusra», the Lebanese authorities put the purpose and to release the captives held by Islamic state – also through negotiations. The newspaper expresses the hope that the country is engulfed in an atmosphere of unity will help the Lebanese to overcome the political crisis.

The UN admitted that Iran worked on atomic bomb. Review of Arab media 03.12.2015

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