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The UN announced a break in negotiations on Syria held in Geneva

Staffan de Mistura, UN special envoy on the Syrian issue, told reporters that the first week of talks in Geneva yielded no results, in connection with which there is a pause – a new round will start on February 25.

About this report Tuesday, 3 February, foreign media and, in particular, a website of news service of the BBC.

De Mistura stressed that this decision should not be interpreted as the failure of the talks, as all participants remain in place and will continue to work. In the search for a political solution to the Syrian conflict.

Bashar ja’afari, head of Syrian government delegation at these negotiations, was quick to accuse Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia of sabotage. He claims that the representatives of these countries put pressure on the opposition parties participating in the negotiations.

Earlier in the day, Syrian state TV channel has announced that government troops managed to break through the siege of the two cities located to the North-East of Aleppo

Before it became known that one of the most influential Syrian parties to participate in it will not. As reported the channel «al Jazeera», the special representative of the UN refused the invitation of the Kurdish democratic Union. Units of the military wing of the CDS cleared of militants «Islamic state» territory, Syrian Kurdistan and controlled by 15% of Syria.

Against the participation of CBC in the negotiations by Turkey. As repeatedly stated by the representatives of its senior management, this movement is an offshoot of the PKK, which Ankara, as well as the U.S. and EU consider a terrorist group.

Russia lobbied for the Kurds to the negotiating process – in defiance of Turkey. According to reports in the Arab media, and representatives of the American administration were in favor of this proposal. At the same time, the United States did not take on specific commitments with respect to this round of negotiations.

The UN announced a break in negotiations on Syria held in Geneva 04.02.2016

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