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The UN security Council condemned the actions of the Israeli military at the Gaza border

The Security Council of the United Nations could not agree on a statement condemning the actions of the Israeli military on March 30 at the border of the Gaza strip, during the suppression of the «March of return», said Maan.

— «March of return»: on both sides of the border. Photos

For the immediate investigation of the incident called on the UN Secretary-General, antónio Guterres. Condemning the actions of the IDF, at the request of the representative of the Palestinian authority, made by the Ambassador of Kuwait to the UN Mansour Ayyad al-Otaibi, who called for an emergency UN security Council meeting on the subject and to take action against Israel. However, the Kuwaiti initiative was blocked by the United States.

The Palestinian representative to the UN Riyad Mansour said that as a result of «horrific massacres» in the Gaza border killed 17 people and read their names (the night before the Ministry of health in Gaza reported 16 dead, and in the morning, said about 15 people killed), about 1,500 were wounded (in fact, most victims are delivered in hospitals, were not injured, and was defeated with tear gas). Mansour called on the UN security Council «to protect the Palestinian people» and noted that massive protests will continue until may 15, to commemorate the Arab «Nakba Day» («Day of catastrophe»), dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the proclamation of the state of Israel (the Arabs plan to mark «Nakba Day» and April 19, the Day of independence of Israel on the Jewish calendar).

Representative permanent mission to the UN the Walter Miller, in turn, expressed regret over the lack at the meeting, the representative of Israel, Recalling that Danny Danon is not present, since it is currently the Jewish holiday of Passover. He said that some negative forces (without naming any organizations in particular) to use civilians, covering the violence in Gaza.

The representatives of France and Britain at the meeting expressed concern about the situation in the Palestinian territories, demanded protection of the right to peaceful demonstration and urged Israeli forces to avoid excessive use of force.

The first day of the «March of millions» in Gaza

On Friday, March 30, Hamas organized on the border of Gaza «March of millions» («March of return»). Hamas announced the expenditure of $ 10 million to organize this event. The evaluation of the IDF, in a mass protest, the declared purpose of which was to break the border, was attended by about 30 thousand people. Military had to use force. As of morning March 31, the Ministry of health in Gaza reported 15 dead (in the evening it was reported 16 years) and approximately 1,500 wounded.

The press Secretary of Army of defence of Israel Ronen, maneli reported that at least two of the number of dead protestors, known to the Israeli security services. It was the members of the group «Izaddina brigades of al-Qassam» military wing of the Hamas terrorist organization.

It was reported six major outbreaks of unrest, where «activists» burned tires and threw stones towards the military. The instigators of the riots, attempts were made to cause damage to the security fence, including cutting the fence. However, military personnel foiled these attempts, opening fire.

In the second half of the day had prevented a terrorist attack against soldiers of the Israel defense forces. Two armed terrorists approached the separation fence and opened fire on Israeli troops. The IDF forces fired back. Also in the direction of the terrorists were released tank shell. The incident resulted in injuries among the Israelis were not. Palestinian media reported that Israeli troops killed two Palestinians.

In addition, the rioters, using as cover a mass demonstration, several times tried to lay explosive devices near the security fence.

The IDF was ready for various scenarios, including the suppression of provocations with use of weapons and to repel attacks on Israeli territory by armed militants – a violation of the integrity of the boundary fence or through the tunnels.

Obviously, the situation is very tense in the coming weeks, until April 19, when will be celebrated the 70th anniversary of the proclamation of the state of Israel (independence Day), and the Palestinian Arabs mark «Nakba Day» (day of catastrophe). It is expected that in independence Day will be announced about the opening of a U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, which will obviously trigger a new wave of Arab protests.

Israel places the responsibility for possible casualties on Hamas – as the organizer of mass protests, and how to structure that controls the Gaza strip over the past almost 11 years.

As of midnight, March 29, for the period of Passover, in a state of lockdown Arab territories in Judea and Samaria. Closed checkpoint on the border between Israel and Gaza. The lockdown will be lifted at midnight on 7 April. During this period, entry into Israel will be permitted only in humanitarian cases, with the consent of the representatives of the coordinator of government activities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

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The UN security Council condemned the actions of the Israeli military at the Gaza border 31.03.2018

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