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The undermining of the tunnel terrorists on the border with Gaza: the calm threatened

The night of Tuesday, October 31, was held without any incidents, despite fears about a possible escalation in southern Israel after the unexpected results of the undermining of the IDF a terrorist tunnel.

Studies in the schools of the settlements located near the Gaza strip, is held on the regular schedule.

In the morning the Gas will be held the funeral of the dead militants. The probability of provocations during and after the funeral.

Israeli observers say that at the moment, neither Israel nor controls the Gaza strip, the terrorist organization Hamas is not interested in armed conflict, but in this case, the situation could spiral out of control against the wishes of both parties.

Yoav Limor in the newspaper «Israel a-Yom» writes that the IDF has taken all actions in order to reduce the probability of escalation by a controlled explosion of a tunnel on Israeli territory. However, the ensuing chain of events which killed the leaders of the military wing of «Islamic Jihad,» turned a local incident into a national event.

Currently, Israel uses Egypt and the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah to maintain the ceasefire. While in Jerusalem was given to understand that regardless of which organization it is lull break, will have to answer to Hamas.

Amos Harel in ha’aretz calls the operation «too successful», and argues that the most critical for the silence will the morning of Tuesday, October 31. According to Harel, Hamas is interested in continuing the lull, to keep the achieved recently, inter-Palestinian agreement, and Israel needs another year to complete the construction of underground walls.

Yossi Melman in the newspaper «Maariv» writes that the IDF knew about the tunnel even at the stage of works on Gaza, but the decision about undermining was made only after he crossed the border of Israel. This was done to avoid accusations of aggression and harm the credibility of Hamas in Gaza.

Portal ynet reports that today will arrive in Gaza, the Egyptian Ambassador in Ramallah, whose task is to prevent escalation.

Recall that in the destruction of the tunnel that led from Gaza into Israeli territory, killed one of the commanders of Islamic Jihad and his Deputy.

In place of the tunnel, work continues on the search for survivors of the militants who were underground at the time of the explosion. Representatives of the Ministry of health of the Gaza strip reported that the death toll in the tunnels, grew to eight people. More than ten people were injured and taken to hospitals in the sector. It is reported that the death toll may rise, as there are still missing.

According to Palestinian media, among victims – the commander of the «Brigades of al-Quds» (the military wing of «Islamic Jihad») the Central district of the Gaza strip, Arafat Abu Murshid and his Deputy Hassan Abu Hasnin. It is also known that killed the commander of an elite unit of Hamas, arrived on the scene along with a rescue squad.

According to Palestinian sources, the first explosion, under control of the IDF, followed by a series of powerful explosions. Presumably, in a tunnel detonated kept it explosive. In particular, one of these explosions resulted in the deaths of rescuers from Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Islamic Jihad accused Israel of a «dangerous escalation» and expressed his right to «at any convenient moment to answer Zionist aggression». The group declared a General mobilization.

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The undermining of the tunnel terrorists on the border with Gaza: the calm threatened 31.10.2017

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