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The US accuses the Kurds in the use of child soldiers

The US state Department published its annual report on human trafficking. The document contains accusations of the middle East allies of the US – Kurdish self-defense.

According to the report, the militia mobilized and adolescents under 15 years of age – both boys and girls. Often they are forced to fight against the wishes of the families.

It is also noted that the population of Syria and Iraq completely defenseless before a forced mobilization, which is held by Pro-Iranian Shiite militias, and Islamic state and other radical Sunni organizations.

The state Department classifies it as human trafficking and requires the Syrian government to make all efforts to put an end to this phenomenon, which is widespread among government troops.

Recall: the Kurdish militia – the main US ally in the fight against «Islamic state». They play a key role in the battles for Raqqa, which the jihadists have proclaimed capital of their «Caliphate.»

The US accuses the Kurds in the use of child soldiers 28.06.2017

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