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The US and Israel join forces against the new threats

On 26 June, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with US presidential Advisor on national security and fighting terror by Thomas Bossert and coordinator of the White house on cybersecurity by Rob Joyce. The meeting was attended by Director General of the Ministry of head of government Ali Gruner and the head of the National office of tiberindwa Eviatar Matania.

At the meeting it was decided on the establishment of the Israeli-American working groups on international ciberpolitica. The establishment of such groups was discussed during a recent visit to Israel of US President Donald trump.

Read more on the agreements writes a bimonthly publication DefenseNews. The publication says that the task of Israeli-American working groups on international ciberpolitica will be the development and implementation of new methods to identify «cyberraga» and supervise the countries that are hostile «CyberPower».

According to Bossert, Israeli and American experts on cybersecurity will not only develop and implement new methods to prevent enemy action, but also to determine ways of bringing the perpetrators to justice. In his opinion, for US is extremely useful cooperation with Israel in this direction.

Rob Joyce, in turn, said at a conference held at tel Aviv University on June 26, stating that Washington is concerned about the search for a new model of deterrence, governments that initiate cyber attacks, and punishment. According to him, the goal is not only to the attacker didn’t succeed, but that they had suffered significant damage.

By Bossert and Joyce was not named specific countries enemies. DefenseNews in this context, reminds that Russia and North Korea had previously been named by the American authorities of those States who were trying to influence the US presidential election in 2016 by cyber attacks. Joyce also mentioned Saudi Arabia as a country which recently was attacked by foreign hackers.

Netanyahu, in turn, noted that many countries want to cooperate with Israel in the field of cybersecurity, and hinted that such cooperation and expect some Arab States that have previously boycotted Israel.

Major-General Nadav Padan, head of the Department of computer support of the IDF, responsible for cybersecurity in the Israeli army, announced the transition on defense, safeguarding data, to attack and fights in cyberspace.

Note that the new phase of cooperation between the U.S. and Israel in cyber security issues coincided with another massive attack with the use of the virus-the extortioner Petya, injuring many companies in Russia and Ukraine, as well as private companies in the United States, Denmark, Sweden, Italy and Israel.

The US and Israel join forces against the new threats 28.06.2017

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