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The US Senate has endorsed tougher sanctions against Russia

The U.S. Senate approved an amendment providing for tougher sanctions against Russia.

As reports RIA Novosti, we are talking about the amendment to the bill, which originally called for sanctions against Iran.

In this document there is a provision that prevents the President of the United States Donald Trump to weaken or abolish the measures without congressional approval.

«In summary, the amendment Crapo, brown, Corker, Cardin performs four tasks: it strengthens and expands existing sanctions against Russia, it creates new sanctions against Russia, it puts the Congress at a higher level than previously, forming the mechanism whereby the lifting of sanctions against Russia will only be possible if this measure will vote for the Congress. In addition, it enhances the capacity of the Ministry of Finance to commit illicit financing, including the illicit financial flows associated with Russia», – quotes «Interfax» the head of the banking Committee of the U.S. Senate Mike Crapo.

In accordance with the amendment, American companies and individuals will be prohibited from transactions with Russian banks providing financing for longer than 14 days, and with oil and gas companies for more than 30 days.

Now the bill goes to the house of representatives, after which, if approved, is signed by the President.

The US Senate has endorsed tougher sanctions against Russia 15.06.2017

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