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The US state Department has brought in «black list» two units «Hezbollah»

The U.S. Department of state made the list of terrorist organizations two organizations affiliated with the Lebanese Islamist group «Hezbollah»: the Department for international relations and the Department of external security.

About it reports on Wednesday, June 21, the news portal Walla.

Hizbullah, which means in Arabic «Party of Allah» — the militant Lebanese Shiite organization and political party, advocating for the creation in Lebanon of an Islamic state modeled on Iran. Its principles are based on the ideology of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, leader of the Islamic revolution in Iran.

This group recognized as a terrorist organization in Canada, the U.S., Israel and Egypt and the League of Arab States and the Gulf countries. It receives financial and military support of Iran and Syria.

The EU, Australia and the UK are considered terrorists only the military wing of Hezbollah, and the political component is not yet added to the «black list».

The US state Department has brought in «black list» two units «Hezbollah» 21.06.2017

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