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The Venezuelan government: the attack on the Supreme court used by Israeli grenades

The Minister of communication and information of Venezuela, Ernesto Villegas, said that the attack of a stolen helicopter on the Supreme court building in Caracas was used, four grenades, Israeli-made, brought from Colombia, reports RIA Novosti.

The fact that grenades were produced in Israel, installed according to the marking, as one of the grenades did not explode.

In addition, it is reported that the opposition attacked the interior Ministry building, on the terrace, which hosted the reception on the occasion of the national day of the journalist. Venezuelan authorities claim that the Ministry building was made 15 shots. Information on casualties there.

As previously reported, on Tuesday evening, June 27, in Caracas the opponents of the ruling regime was hijacked a helicopter belonging to the body of scientific, criminal and forensic investigation police of Venezuela (CICPC). The helicopter poster «350 Freedom» spread through Caracas and is attacked Supreme court of Venezuela. The helicopter was thrown a grenade, damaged the courthouse.

A poster on Board the helicopter were reminded of the 350-th article of the Constitution, which talks about the possibility of the rejection by citizens of the government in case of its violation of democratic values, principles and safeguards, and human rights, explained to RIA Novosti.

President Nicolas Maduro said that one of the pilots of the helicopter previously was a pilot for former interior Minister Miguel rodríguez Torres. Maduro recalled that Torres was accused of contacts with the CIA. He called the actions of this man as an act of terror.

According to Venezuelan media, one of the pilots hijacked the helicopter could be Oscar Perez, previously served in the CICPC and disseminated on the eve of the message: «Venezuelans, beloved brothers, we are writing to you on behalf of the state. We – a coalition of the military, police and civil servants in the search for balance against the short-lived criminal government… «We demand President Nicolas Maduro Moros, your immediate resignation along with your Ministers and the immediate destination of the General election». Included in his group of people he called nationalists, patriots and statesmen.

About the fate of Perez and other conspirators not yet reported. It is known that after circling the capital, the pilot landed his machine on the roof of one of the buildings.

Supporters of the opposition in the National Assembly protesting since early April. During the riots killed dozens of people.

#LoÚltimo | Gobierno de #Venezuela acusa intento de golpe de estado |

— TABASCO XEVA (@XEVATabasco) June 28, 2017

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The Venezuelan government: the attack on the Supreme court used by Israeli grenades 28.06.2017

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