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The verdict in the case «girl Lisa», allegedly raped by migrants

The court of the capital’s Tiergarten district has sentenced 24-the summer inhabitant of Berlin, whom the press calls Ismet C., to a year and nine months of imprisonment and four years probation for sexual acts against schoolgirl Lisa, the daughter of Russian Germans.

The defendant must also pay a fine in the amount of three thousand Euro, writes on Tuesday, June 20, the German newspaper DW, citing a source in the court.

The defendant, moreover, convicted of production of pornography because he made a video of sex scenes on a mobile phone.

After the start of the process open to the public and the press, all present were asked to leave the courtroom. The victim of sexual violence, «the girl Lisa», shielded from the attention of journalists. The prosecution, the court and the accused declined to comment. Lawyer Lisa also refused to talk to the German media, stating that those previously «abused» over a girl.

The defendant fully admitted his guilt, so «Lisa girl» in the process were not performed, although it was invited as a witness and was in the courthouse.

The judge stressed: despite the fact that sex took place by mutual consent, at the time the victim was not yet 14 years

Recall that in Germany, any sexual contact with persons under a specified age, considered as sexual violence against children and punishable by law.

Earlier the representative of the land criminal court in Berlin said that the episodes incriminated to Ismat S., occurred in October and November 2015 and is not associated with the disappearance of «the girl Lisa» in January 2016, is widely publicized in the press.

As previously reported, in January 2016, the Russian media saying about the disappearance of «the girl Lisa», claimed that she was abducted and raped by migrants. In the Berlin district Marzahn mass rally was held, where Russian-speaking inhabitants of Berlin are urged to protect their children.

The incident has provoked a debate at the international level. The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called Lisa «our girl» and accused the German government of trying to «politically correct varnishing reality». In response Frank-Walter Steinmeier, who was then the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany, said that Lavrov interfere in the «inner-German debate on migrants and fueling it.» The situation was defused during a telephone conversation between Lavrov and Steinmeier.

The verdict in the case «girl Lisa», allegedly raped by migrants 20.06.2017

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