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The vote on the «law shopping» is suspended

In the night of Tuesday, January 9, vote for «law shopping» has been suspended at the request of the Chairman of the coalition David Amsalem (Likud), who has asked to reconvene the Committee on internal Affairs to discuss
After discussion of this error, the Knesset needs to return to vote and voting on the amendment, which the opposition managed to hold. We are talking about the amendment submitted by Deputy Itzik Shmuel («Zionist camp»). According to this amendment the law will not apply to shops. trading in household items.

The amendment was approved about three in the morning due to a technical error, when the vote of the Minister of construction of Yoav GALANT («Kulanu) and Deputy defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan («Bayt Yehudi»)was not recorded. The opposition won the majority, and the speaker of the Knesset declared that the amendment was approved. The head of the Commission for internal Affairs David Amsalem asked to stop the vote and to postpone the discussion of amendments in the Committee on internal Affairs. The Commission rejected the amendment, but the opposition has demanded a re-vote to be held around 7:00. After the amendment is rejected a second time, will resume plenary meeting, and members will continue voting on other amendments. There was a total of more than three hundred amendments.

When voting on the law on retailers coalition based on a majority in one voice: 58 deputies supported the law, 57 mind against him. The coalition feared that with such a minimal gap any technical error can lead to delaying the vote for hours.

Debate on the bill started at 18:25. About six hours later, the Knesset Revital Sweid («Zionist camp») announced that the opposition has exhausted all their arguments and requests to proceed to a vote. At this point in the meeting room had almost no one of the deputies from the coalition. Justice Minister Ayelet shaked took the podium and more than 40 minutes were read excerpts from the Declaration of independence, talking about the Jewish character of the state. After the coalition returned to the courtroom, began voting.

Recall that on 1 January, the Knesset Committee on internal Affairs approved a «law shopping» to the second and third readings. The bill was approved by a majority of eight votes, six members of the Commission opposed.

Earlier it was reported that the coalition weighed the possibility to postpone the vote on the law on the work shops on Shabbat in the absence of the majority in the Knesset.

Against the law was going to vote for lawmakers from Yisrael Beiteinu, as well as Sharen Askel («Likud») and Tali Ploskova («Kulan»).

The opposition rejected «- replacement» with the Deputy Yehuda Picom («Likud»), which January 1 was not in the Knesset, as on this day he died his wife Yafa.

The vote on the «law shopping» is suspended 09.01.2018

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