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The Wall Street Journal: middle East US allies want to cooperate with Russia

Jay Solomon

«The build-up of Russian military operations in Syria led to a split among middle Eastern allies of Washington: some of these countries found it necessary to help the Kremlin in strengthening the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, according to Arab, Israeli and American officials, reports Jay Solomon in The Wall Street Journal. — This shift brings new confusion to the diplomatic landscape, difficult: at crucial moments of the most important U.S. allies is a completely different position.»

On Thursday representatives from the U.S., Russia and other world powers met in Munich to try to negotiate a ceasefire and to find a lasting solution that will end lasting nearly five years, the Syrian civil war.

«Egypt, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates expressed willingness to accept the role the Kremlin plays in Syria, and to cooperate more closely with Russia. The Israeli authorities expressed hope that Russia will help keep Iran from military operations against Israel carried out from Syria», — is reported on.

«As far as we understand from discussions with the Russians, their intervention is aimed, primarily, against terrorist organizations, said on Monday the Minister of foreign Affairs of Egypt Sameh shoukry. — We support all international efforts to eradicate terrorism in Syria.»

«Last week Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov discussed the Syrian campaign with the UAE crown Prince and other senior officials of Emirates in Abu Dhabi — said Solomon. — They called for a joint approach to end the Syrian war and the fight against «Islamic state».

«We need to work together and put aside our regional differences,» said the Minister of foreign Affairs of the UAE Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nhayan.

«Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, together with the United States and Europe expressed «deep concern» over the attack on the Russian President Vladimir Putin in Syria when it started in September, — reminds the author. But Israel, Jordan, UAE and Egypt did not. All four countries regularly consult with Moscow about its Syrian operations.»

The Wall Street Journal: middle East US allies want to cooperate with Russia 12.02.2016

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