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The Wall Street Journal: Syrian opposition ready for talks, Assad future in question

Sam Dagher and Ahmed al-Omran

«On Thursday members of the Syrian opposition groups agreed to negotiate peace with the regime on the condition that they will result in the refusal of President Bashar al-Assad from office — a position that is expected to face strong resistance from allies of the regime, Russia and Iran,» reports The Wall Street Journal.

«The agreement signed after lasting a whole day of talks in Saudi Arabia with more than 100 members of various opposition groups, calls for the establishment of the Commission in Riyadh, to select delegates who will represent the opposition in negotiations with the regime brokered by the UN,» write correspondents Sam Dagher and Ahmed al Omran.

«However, many of the discrepancies and obstacles, to thwart previous attempts to resolve the conflict since 2011, quickly surfaced and the talks in Saudi Arabia ended with uncertainty regarding whether all opponents of the regime approved the agreement,» the authors note.

«Among Assad’s opponents are pacifists and opposed to non-violent methods, is stated in the article, and Islamist groups like «Ahrar al-sham», working on the frontline with the Syrian branch of «al-Qaeda», and «Dzhabhat EN-Nusra» (all these organizations were banned in Russia. — Approx.ed.).

«As an extremist group ISIL (is prohibited in the Russian Federation. — Approx. ed.), the UN believes «Dzhabhat EN Nusra» terrorist organization, and therefore excludes her from any future political settlement in Syria,» the authors note.

«Bashar al-Assad two options: either to go as a result of negotiations that can be faster, easier and better for everyone, or to leave as a result of fight», — told reporters the Minister of foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia Adel al-Jubayr.

The Wall Street Journal: Syrian opposition ready for talks, Assad future in question 11.12.2015

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