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The Wall Street Journal: the middle East conflict breaks out, until the IG comes to naught

«Maybe, «Islamic state» has not disappeared, but the middle East has gone ahead,» – says Yaroslav Trofimov, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal.

«The expulsion of the extremist group from its main stronghold Raqqa on Tuesday, a watershed moment. The once vast territory of the «Islamic state» shrunk to a few dwindling areas on the Eastern Syria and in Western Iraq, but the region is increasingly focusing on new conflicts on the background of changing alliances, the article says. Now most importantly, who and how will take advantage of the vacuum that had previously filled the «Islamic state»».

«The fall of IG is now perceived as a fait accompli. The forces that he fought back, no more common denominator, and with the destruction of ISIS many new conflicts will flare up in the region», – said Basem Chubb, a member of the Lebanese Parliament.

«Islamic state», of course, in the near future will be completely destroyed in Syria and Iraq. The more still will live its outlying affiliated groups, entrenched from Libya to the Philippines. In fact, the extremist group could organize terrorist acts in the region and in the West to try to prove she’s not defeated. Her group’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has promised to continue the fight in the recording, released last month, says Trofimov. – However, the IG is not in a position to form a map of the Muslim world».

Since the Islamic state was rapidly building on our successes in 2014, the fight against the group has created unusual alliances, the author continues.

«Nothing illustrates so clearly the collapse of these temporary alliances, as occurred this week clash of the Central Iraqi government and living in the country of the Kurds. These two forces side by side fought with ISIS to free one of detained extremists of large cities – Mosul – just a few months ago. But on Monday after a short battle with the Iraqi Kurds control Kirkuk, Baghdad took control of this ethnically diverse city, and on Tuesday seized several strategic areas,» the article says.

The Wall Street Journal: the middle East conflict breaks out, until the IG comes to naught 18.10.2017

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