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The Washington Post: «Dossier» and the uranium trade: a guide to the latest charges

Wanting to help the reader, «which will surely become entangled in an increasingly complex history,» the journalist of The Washington Post has prepared a short «guide» on the latest developments and controversial charges, which involved Russia, the President of trump and Hillary Clinton.


The history of the issue: «Dossier» is a set of 17 notes for President trump and Russia, written by Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence officer, between 20 June and 13 December 2016, the article says. Steele wrote them in the framework of the contract with Fusion GPS firm, specializing in strategic intelligence and led by former journalists.

«Notes written in the raw intelligence reports based on interviews that Steele took an unnamed Russian sources (they are marked, for example, as a «Kremlin insider»), some of whom he paid for information – the author. – Raw intelligence is, essentially, gossip, and usually it is not expected that they will be released without further inspection.»

Notes Steele, among others, argue that the Russian government sought to split the Western Union, approaching with trump and maintaining it, and collecting incriminating information – kompromat on him to blackmail, said the journalist. In particular, in these records it says that the Russian government supplied the headquarters of the trump «valuable intelligence on Clinton.»

What is important: «the Dossier reflected private U.S. intelligence agencies that the Russian government intervened in the American elections, trying to strengthen trump and hurt Clinton, including breaking the national Democratic Committee (DNC) and giving materials to WikiLeaks for publication in key moments,» continues Kessler.

What’s new: the headquarters of the DNC and Clinton was exposed as a «democratic sponsors» who paid GPS Fusion for the study of Steele (technically, the study was funded by Perkins Coie, law firm Marc Elias, a lawyer representing the staff of the Clinton and the DNC), the newspaper reminds.

«It should be noted that in the framework of another job Fusion has been hired American law firm in early 2014, which acted as the defender in a civil lawsuit by the us government, accusing Prevezon Holdings in fraud, – the author. – Prevezon belongs to Denis Katsyv near, the son of a senior Russian government official».

According to the journalist, this is important because Natalia Veselnitskaya, who also worked at this law firm in the case of Prevezon, met with officials from the headquarters of the trump at the Trump Tower in June 2016, including Donald trump, Jr., chief of staff Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner, husband of Ivanka trump. Donald trump Jr. agreed to meet with Veselnitskaya after the broker promised to send dirt on Clinton.

What contradictory: «the White house trump tried to use the link between the dossier and Clinton to declare: say, it shows that Clinton, and not trump, have entered into an agreement with Russia. (Apparently, the theory is that, once Steele received information from Russian officials in part by funds provided by headquarters Clinton, the Russian helped Clinton.) However, – writes the correspondent, – it does not take into account the fact that e-mails the DNC – as well as email account of the Chairman of the staff of the Clinton – were hacked and then published by WikiLeaks as part of the Russian operations in favour of trump, which was established by us intelligence agencies.»

Uranium deal

Background: In 2010, Rosatom acquired a controlling stake in Uranium One, a canadian company which held licenses for the extraction of approximately 20% of potential uranium mining in the United States, says the author. This agreement was approved by the Obama administration when he was Clinton’s Secretary of state.

«Frank Giustra, canadian financier in the mining industry and major donor to the Clinton Foundation sold the company, UrAsia, Uranium One in 2007 – the article says. – People associated with Uranium One and UrAsia, including Giustra, made donations to the Clinton Foundation for a total amount of 145 million dollars. Meanwhile, in 2010, bill Clinton got 500 thousand dollars from the Russian Bank for presentation at the conference in Moscow.»

«During the election campaign trump dumped all these separate things together, to falsely state that Clinton «gave 20% of our uranium – Russia gave large payments», – the journalist writes.

Why it matters: «as soon As news about the Russian investigation be hot, the White house trump refers to the uranium deal, trying to «stir up trouble» and suggesting that Russia has received something from Clinton in exchange for money,» said Kessler.

«But there is no evidence that Clinton actually was informed about this transaction, – the journalist continues. – The Ministry of Finance was the chief Agency, head of the Committee on foreign investment in the United States, which approved the investment; Clinton was not involved in the decision of the Committee. The transaction was approved by the nuclear regulatory Commission of the United States. Ultimately only the President could block or suspend the agreement».

«Besides, – adds the author, – the uranium produced in mines of the USA and cannot be exported, with the exception of uranium concentrate, which is extracted and processed in Canada before it is sent back to the U.S. for use in nuclear power plants».

What’s new: The Hill Newspaper on 22 October reported that the FBI gathered evidence in the period of sale of Uranium One that the official «Rosatom» made a massive bribery scheme that compromised American transport company that delivered the uranium to Russia, it adds. «The official was eventually convicted in 2015, but Republicans have said that this case should cause concern about the investments of Rosatom in Uranium One and possibly block the deal, reports Kessler. – However, there is no evidence that American officials are considering a deal, knew about the FBI investigation. These press reports have prompted the Republicans in the House of representatives to announce that they will start the investigation.»

That controversial: «Any indication that the Russian money was intended to influence the decisions Clinton would bomb. But these charges have a fatal flaw: Hillary Clinton, apparently, did not participate in any discussion regarding the sale of Uranium One, which, as noted, actually has not led to the export of uranium from the United States,» the author writes.

The Washington Post: «Dossier» and the uranium trade: a guide to the latest charges 31.10.2017

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