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The Washington Post: on the issue of regime change in Syria, the White house capitulated to Russia


«Russian planes still daily bombing of Pro-Western forces in Syria and beat on hospitals, bakeries and humanitarian corridors. Moscow still insists that the bloody dictator Bashar al-Assad must indefinitely remain in power, but trying to exclude opposition groups from the proposed peace talks, calling them terrorists, — says the editors of the Washington Post. — However, Secretary of state John F. Kerry on Tuesday, after meeting with Vladimir Putin, said that the Russian ruler and the Obama administration perceive Syria «essentially the same». Unfortunately, the situation is becoming closer to that description — and not because Putin changed his point of view.»

Recalling that the Obama administration four years demanding the resignation of Assad due to the fact that it used against its own people chemical weapons, «barrel bombs» and torture, and committed «other disgusting actions,» the editorial Board laments that now Secretary Kerry «agrees with Putin that the Syrians must decide who will continue to run the country». «This is the right way to a standstill, especially considering that Assad still says he will not negotiate with any of the opponents, armed or foreign government,» the authors note.

The editorial reports that Kerry, in his words, tries to lead a political process that will lead to a truce and eventually a political deal. «If we manage to achieve a truce, including the cessation of bombing, which led Russia and the Syrian government, it will be a valuable achievement, even if political negotiations came to nothing lead, — the authors and note that the result of the truce would be the coexistence in Syria areas controlled by the government and the rebels, and the local and international firepower could be focused on the territories occupied «Islamic state». But yet it seems elusive».

The Washington Post: on the issue of regime change in Syria, the White house capitulated to Russia 19.12.2015

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