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The Washington Post: Putin continues to call the shots in Syria


«President Obama and some of his senior aides are skeptical speak about a partial cessation of violence, which should begin in Syria on Saturday, and for good reason. Russian President Vladimir Putin in the past two years repeatedly agreed to the truce in Syria and Ukraine, but never kept,» writes the editors of the Washington Post.

«If any calm actually starts and humanitarian convoys will reach the destination, it is only because Putin deems it consistent with its strategic interests. That is the true sense of truce: it gives Russia control over what is happening in Syria,» the article says.

«Without a doubt, Putin hoped that such a demonstration of its relevance and possibly reducing Russian raids on hospitals and other civilian targets in Northern Syria will encourage some countries to insist on the lifting of EU sanctions from his regime — despite the fact that he breaks the truce entered into in Ukraine», — says the authors of the publication.

The American leadership «there is no consensus on significant measures to limit the military action of Russia, for example by supplying the rebels anti-aircraft weapons», the article says. Obama is in no hurry to react to the calls for new sanctions against Moscow, with no support from Europe.

«Of course, it is the passivity of American politics gives Putin the opportunity to act in Syria as he pleases», — writes the edition. Mentioning the «hundreds of thousands of people surrounded in Aleppo and other places under siege and the bombing», the authors Express the hope that the Russian leader «will decide that the break in hostilities to his advantage». «But in any case he decides not because he was limited in action by the United States,» notes the newspaper.

The Washington Post: Putin continues to call the shots in Syria 26.02.2016

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