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The Washington Post: Turchynov: an Alliance with Putin against ISIS is a deal with the devil

Oleksandr Turchynov

«Winston Churchill had no illusions about his Alliance with Joseph Stalin during the war,» writes the Secretary of the national security Council and defense of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov in an article for The Washington Post.

«If Hitler invaded hell, I at least put the word devil in the House of Commons,» said Churchill.

«Once Nazi Germany was defeated, Stalin’s true intentions became clear,» says Turchynov. The West has spent the next forty years trying to contain the threat posed by the Soviet Union.

Turchynov advised «to keep this in mind when we think about the events in Syria». «Cooperation with Russia in the fight against «Islamic state» should be carefully evaluated in comparison with some broader foreign policy issues,» — said the head of the NSS.

«Russian President Vladimir Putin has a direct interest in Syria as a regional ally, the market for Russian military exports, and Mediterranean base for the Russian Navy. But his approach is influenced by wider considerations, one of which is an intention to prevent another authoritarian regime was subject to the requirements of its people. Like us on Ukraine is well known, Putin is determined to resist the wave of global democratic change and is willing to use violence against other countries to stop it. He sees freedom as a threat to its power and a sign of spread of Western influence», — said in the article.

«While posing as a friend of the West in the fight against terrorism, Putin hopes to consolidate relations, which he always wanted — ignoring international law and the rights of the small States in favor of great deals and the principle of «strong is always right», says Turchynov.

«Russia already mentioned the anti-Hitler coalition as a precedent to fight with ISIS. No doubt that it will also require new Yalta as a payment for cooperation», — says the author.

«The city of Yalta, of course, is now in Russian-occupied Crimea, serving as a bitter reminder that the past remains with us. Everything you need to Putin — is that the West lifted the sanctions and recognized its territorial grip on Ukraine, and then the cycle will repeat again», — said the Ukrainian politician.

The Washington Post: Turchynov: an Alliance with Putin against ISIS is a deal with the devil 04.12.2015

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