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The West believes that Nikita Mikhalkov is aiming for the presidency. Review of Russian media

US intelligence agencies have reliable evidence confirming the use of chemical weapons by Syrian forces in the city of Khan shaykhun, said the Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo. According to him, President Donald trump ordered to recreate the picture of what happened and all necessary work has already been done, writes in Wednesday newspaper «Kommersant».

Mr. Pompeo did not specify on what the evidence in question, saying only: he assured the White house that intelligence agencies are confident in their conclusions. The CIA Director called Iran «the biggest challenge for the United States» in the middle East and «the world’s largest sponsor of terrorism.» Mentioned Michael Pompeo and Wikileaks, saying that he behaves towards US as a «hostile intelligence structure, often instigated by such States as Russia».

«Lam in the army of Israel will be replaced by robots» is the title of an article in the WP app under the name «Russian weapons», which States that In September, the Israeli army will conduct military tests of the transport robot to transport food, water and ammunition. If the test is successful, the machine will replace the Israeli army previously used for the same purpose Lam.

Developed by the military transport robot got the name IRP (Infantry Robotic Porter, infantry automatic porter). Tracked vehicle capable of carrying up to 500 pounds of cargo over rough terrain at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour. Battery charge is enough for eight hours of continuous operation to manage the IRP remotely.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a BBC interview that if the EU does not take his country into their ranks, the Turks «will sigh with relief and begin implementation of alternative plans», informs «the Russian newspaper».

«Now we are not only not invited to the summits of EU leaders, but in vain wasting our time. This is the real situation», – quotes the words of the Turkish leader the RIA Novosti news Agency. According to the President, a majority of citizens oppose joining the EU and believe the insincere attitude of the EU towards Turkey.

First Deputy interior Minister Alexander Gorovoy said that some 600,000 Ukrainians came to Russia, awaiting legislative action that will enable them to take Russian citizenship, says the Pro-Kremlin newspaper Izvestia.The Deputy Minister noted that the Ukrainians «came to the territory of the Russian Federation, integrated, brought family and satisfied with their life».

The article notes that on Wednesday the state Duma adopted amendments on simplified obtaining Ukrainian citizenship of the Russian Federation on the basis of a notarized renunciation of citizenship of Ukraine.

«On the Western front the Demon of change» is the title of an article in «Komsomolskaya Pravda», which States that in early July, the United States and Western Europe became interested in Nikita Mikhalkov. In popular Newspapers and portals have appeared many publications about Oscar-winning Russian Director.

Mikhalkov, the author of the odious «Besogon», has never concealed his political views: he has consistently supported external and internal policy of the Kremlin, is a staunch supporter of Vladimir Putin and the conductor of his ideas. While the political ambitions of the Director are always strictly limited to the role of the Trustee the current President of Russia.

But recently, the situation, according to Western media, has changed dramatically. On the site of one of the international editions were published footage from the documentary in the coming days to be aired on national TV. According to some political analysts, the debut of the film should be regarded as the official start of the presidential campaign Mikhalkov.

The West believes that Nikita Mikhalkov is aiming for the presidency. Review of Russian media

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