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«The West recognizes the truth of Russia»: a Survey of Russian media

Israel will remain the main recipient of US military aid in the next fiscal year, as evidenced by the draft budget of the state Department, wrote on Tuesday «the Russian newspaper»

According to the published on the eve of the document, Israel would receive American military aid to $ 3.3 billion, Egypt allocated 1.3 billion, other countries significantly lag behind the leaders: Jordan is intended 350 million, Pakistan – 80, Lebanon – 50.

The head of the US state Department Rex Tillerson said that a final decision on the status of Jerusalem should accept the Palestinians and the Israelis. The announcement was made at a press briefing in Cairo after meeting with Egyptian counterpart Sameh shoukry, according to the same publication.

«The final borders will be determined by the Palestinians and israeliane. We are committed to the peace process, and the decision on Jerusalem will be taken by both parties», – the newspaper quoted the Secretary of state.

Spouses from Ekaterinburg has recognized same-sex against their will – the court decided that the operation to remove the breast contrary to family law. About this history wrote on Tuesday the newspaper «Kommersant».

The judge found that Julia Savinovskih that removed the breast, «committed to social roles of» men that supposedly contradicts the family law and the ban on registration of same-sex marriages in Russia, and took her two adopted children.

The woman claims that he never planned a sex change, seventh chest size was removed due to inconveniences and intends to appeal the decision.

«Putin opposed to caricature leftists and liberals» – the opponents are too eager to work themselves into unpromising niches, according to an analytical article published on Tuesday, «Nezavisimaya Gazeta».

Among the opponents and critics of the Russian government is widely believed, according to which the campaign Kseniya Sobchak – the Kremlin’s initiative. Hence, for example, granted Prime time on Federal channels long before the registration by the CEC. Anyway, if the Kremlin wanted to run for election faux liberal opposition candidate, he would have surely made it pronouncedly Pro-American, and willing to reconsider Russian foreign policy, including relations with Ukraine. Such a candidate would be a definitely «no-go», able to unite only a small electoral group, explains the author.

The U.S. Embassy responded to the initiative to rename the street where it is located, in the North American impasse: they say you don’t talk about dead ends, but prefer to seek a constructive relationship.

Thus the official representative of the US diplomatic mission in Russia Maria Olson commented on the idea of renaming the street where the Embassy is situated, writes Pro-Kremlin newspaper Izvestia.

The newspaper reminds that the initiative to give the U.S. Embassy in Russia postal address «North American deadlock, the house 1» was made by the head of the Duma Committee on physical culture, sport, tourism and youth Affairs Mikhail Degtyarev. This idea was born in response to the appearance of the front of the Russian Embassy in Washington square Boris Nemtsov.

The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis announced that evidence of the use of chemical weapons by Damascus is not. Thus, the West began to acknowledge what Russia insists many years, the newspaper «Komsomolskaya Pravda».

«The accusations against the Syrian army and President Bashar al-Assad absolutely groundless, – says a Russian political scientist Victor Olevich. – The U.S. declared chemical weapons in Idlib and the suburbs of Damascus, Eastern ghouta, but it either was applied opposition groups, or altogether appeared only on the staged shots. However, Washington is using this as a pretext for further aggression against Syria and to vilify its allies, primarily Russia.»

«The West recognizes the truth of Russia»: a Survey of Russian media 13.02.2018

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