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The Western media about deterring Putin

«He came out of club-worthy public figures and have chosen for themselves and their country way: be proud of the bad boy image, like gangsta rapper», – write mass media in connection with the Russian trace in the assassination attempt on Skripal and Putin’s threats of nuclear weapons. What can the West? Disable Russia from SWIFT? To suspend its membership in the UN security Council? To disclose the intelligence, compromising Putin in the eyes of sensible people.

«The phrase «unlawful use of force by the Russian government against great Britain» sounds like a threat the mention of hostilities. However, it is said, Teresa may in the House of Commons, speaking about the assassination of a double agent from Russia Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury,» writes Gideon Rachman in the Financial Times.

«Almost certainly ahead of a large-scale expulsion of Russian diplomats and scouts from the UK. But it is unlikely that the English football team will be asked to boycott the world Cup. It would be felt rather as a punishment of England,» says the journalist.

Probably, the UK will introduce much tougher measures against Russian business and Finance. London may introduce a law similar to the us «Magnitsky Act». People appearing in British «Magnitsky list» may become vulnerable to seizure of assets, admits Rahman.

Many believed that after the referendum on «Brucite» the Kingdom will be torn to prove that it has not lost the status of a major offshore center for Russian business. «But now she may willingly refuse such honor,» – said in the article.

Whoever poisoned former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury, the case should come to court. Theresa may calls on Moscow to the review, the journalist writes the Süddeutsche Zeitung Julian Hans.

«However, Vladimir Putin is not the man who will set himself ultimatums,» the article says. When on Monday, the BBC reporter asked him a question, whether poisoning his country, he expressed no abhorrence of the appalling crime, not told about the readiness to assist in the investigation – he went on to the counterattack: «You will be examined there, and then we are going to discuss it».

«The days when Putin gave the value of international reputation, passed. He left the club worthy of statesmen, and have chosen for themselves and their country way: be proud of the bad boy image like a gangsta rapper,» writes Hans.

Before the election this image vigorously polished: part of this work was the presentation of Putin during his address to the nation the fearsome superweapon.

«Perhaps Russia is not behind the attack on Skripal, but suspicion, paradoxically, have the way to the Kremlin. They reinforce the mentality of a «besieged fortress»: the whole world is against us, and the only person able to stand up to him,» – says the journalist. «New sanctions this week would be the greatest gift that the West can make Putin before the elections,» concludes Hans.

«Opponents of Russian President Vladimir Putin are periodically found dead in and around London for more than a decade,» writes the former head of the Russian operations of the CIA Steven L. Hall in an article for the Washington Post.

The public policy of Putin in such matters is, in the author’s opinion, can be summed up as «lie more more: sooner or later the West will forget about it.» «This is a plan that often worked well,» notes Hall.

«If he annexed part of another state, as was the case with Crimea, or giving orders to Russian intelligence, committing attempted murder on foreign territory, Putin hopes that Russia will be able to weather any storm, which is satisfied in response to the West. Yes, after appropriation of the Crimea, Russia has paid a price because of the sanctions, but not enough to really bother Putin and his oligarchs,» the article says.

However, a serious response is needed, says the author. For Britain the best answer may be economic. To find a way to freeze or otherwise block the Russian capital in the British financial system would be an effective measure.

«The West needs to rally around Britain – quickly, openly and clearly,» continues the author. He believes it is possible, though unlikely, the invocation of article 5 of the NATO Treaty after application in the UK chemical weapons.

You can also consider formal suspension of Russia from the international banking system SWIFT, the author writes, explaining that this is much stronger impact on the Russian economy than sanctions.

The other option involves at least a question of whether to suspend or to deprive Russia’s membership in the UN security Council, continues Hall.

«All these approaches have one thing in common: they are fraught with difficulties and can be a challenge for Western democracies – recognizes the author. But, if the West will not be able to take serious retaliatory measures in connection with the use of chemical weapons on British territory, (…) what will Putin’s next?».

The version that Russian spy in Britain there was an attempt to discredit Putin, can be discarded, says columnist the Wall Street Journal’s Holman Jenkins.

«The government Theresa may can no longer put a brake on this mess and keep the respect of the public,» the author writes and expresses the hope that «a growing understanding that the worst may be yet to come if the Western allies do not begin to define the boundaries that Putin is obliged to respect».

«It the largest party in the bone with the greatest benefit in the case of a win would be a campaign of aggression against the nearby NATO countries, designed to prove that NATO is a hollow sound. There are reasons to fear that such a campaign likely,» says Jenkins.

«Before becoming President, trump expressed a sane thought: Putin wipes his feet on the West, because we allow it to him. Relations, suggested trump would improve if Putin will face someone just as hard. Trump (…) must understand that while he has failed to achieve the desired result», – stated in the article.

US ready to undertake lengthy and costly efforts to change the behaviour of Russia? «There are three means of influence, writes Jenkins. Is a more powerful weapon, openly or secretly supplied to those who oppose the Russian troops in the Ukraine and in Syria. Asset freeze friendly to Putin the Russians in the West. The disclosure of intelligence reports linking Putin with a variety of issues, which discredited him in the eyes of sensible people».

«The West’s reluctance to take risks in relations with Putin is clear. This is also the reason that we may be on more dangerous ground in relations with Russia,» concludes the columnist for the WSJ.

The journalist of the German TV channel ZDF Claus Kleber had a conversation with Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

«How safe it feels living in London Khodorkovsky in light of recent events?»

Khodorkovsky said, «I for ten years he lived in more danger, but if Putin now give the order, I would be just as difficult to defend».

«Do you think that President Putin and the Russian government wanted to kill in London of the former spy and his daughter?» – asked the journalist.

«You have two options: either Putin gave the order or he is not in control and not in control of military intelligence», – said Khodorkovsky.

Speaking about the motives which were behind the attempt to kill «with a distinct Russian imprint», Khodorkovsky stated: «first, it’s revenge, and then demonstration to the others that the hands of the Kremlin, the military intelligence can reach everywhere. In other words, if the politicians give them that opportunity, they use it. This we know from the Russian history».

The Western media about deterring Putin 14.03.2018

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