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The Western media about the case of the double agent: piling up the evidence in favor of Russia’s involvement

«Traitors always end up badly,» said Putin during the exchange of spies with the United States in 2010. One of the participants was exchanged Sergei Skripal, who claimed to be Russian secrets to the Brits just when the future President was the head of the FSB, reported in the media. Le Figaro talks about the «long and dismal tradition of poisoning» of the Russian special services. Daily Mail discusses a hypothetical boycott of the world Cup for England.

After the attack on the former Russian agent Sergei Skripal using substances nervously-paralytic action under suspicion immediately fell Russia, writes the correspondent of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov this was not surprised. Of course, he rejected the charges and offered the British help in the investigation, noting that while no such request. «This is unlikely to happen in the future, — the author notes. In the end, not only the British media, but Minister of foreign Affairs of great Britain, Boris Johnson suggesting that the crime is Russia».

«Traitors always end up badly», — Putin said during the exchange of spies between Russia and the United States in the summer of 2010. A few weeks later he publicly called one of the «traitors» «cattle» and «pig». One of the participants in the exchange were then Skripal.

However, in connection with the attack on Skripal and his daughter there is some confusion: unwritten rule, intelligence agents who were accused of espionage and released on the basis of agreement between the States concerned, leave alone, the author writes.

The question remains, what is hoped to reach the Russian leadership an assault on Skripal, especially if it is confirmed that used paralytic agent can bring to his lab produced and will be possible, as in the case of Litvinenko, lay track criminals, says the journalist.

«Maybe the intention was to show others potential defectors that they and their families never will be able to live in safety? At the same time or to show Western governments that are capable and ready force who committed this crime, and how little Western governments can counteract them?» — the article says.

The editors of the Washington Post believes that if former GRU officer Skripal and his daughter was poisoned by Russia in revenge for the fact that he became a double agent, «is a blatant crime of President Vladimir Putin, which cannot be ignored».

«Skripal exactly have enemies. Putin is a veteran of the Soviet KGB, who in the late 1990s to head the Agency — the successor to the KGB, the Federal security service (FSB). It was then that Skripal was given to the Russian secrets to the British. Other offenders Putin or his cronies had already shot, poisoned, beaten,» reads the article. The newspaper reminds about the circumstances of the death of Alexander Litvinenko and Mikhail Lesin.

During a recent event at which Putin asked questions, he said he would like to reverse the collapse of the Soviet Union, rampant and bragged about a new nuclear missile, the authors write.

«Putin have been flexing their muscles partly in anticipation of the presidential elections. But that’s not the whole motivation. Putin believes that the management system of the United States «eating itself alive», as he put it in connection with the chaos of the presidency, trump and believes this is an opportune moment to give vent to his adventurism. All the more reason for US to get a solid strategy of communication with Russia, and soon,» says the editorial.

«Who’d want to kill Skripal, a former Russian double agent who defected to the West, and his daughter Julia with nerve agents, which (..) is even more rare and potent than sarin gas or VX? Is it possible that the Russian security services decided to punish «renegade»?» — the journalist writes Le Figaro Laura Mandeville.

«While these issues concern the high spheres of the British government residing in the excited state 12 years after the polonium poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko, another Russian ex-spy who worked for the oligarch in exile Boris Berezovsky (in turn, was found hanged in the bathroom in 2013), it is useful to return to the review a rich and dark Russian traditions of murders and poisonings — continued Mandeville. For this we turned to exciting and discouraging work «poisons Laboratory» by Arkady Vaksberg».

In 1921, under Lenin, was established toxicology laboratory «Special room» — to facilitate the elimination of inconvenient people describes Mandeville. Soon the laboratory was under the auspices of the intelligence reports read by the journalist.

In 1924, Nikolai Sokolov, a brave investigator who had the audacity to investigate the murder of the Tsar and his family in Yekaterinburg until he had to flee to Paris, was found dead in his garden on the banks of the Loire, under mysterious circumstances. According to Vaksberg, he was poisoned. The son of Leon Trotsky, Leon Sedov, was also eliminated in the course of the operation for appendicitis, performed by suspicious doctors of the emigrants described in the book.

«In 1971 Alexander Solzhenitsyn survived the attempted poisoning with ricin in one of the confectionery in Novocherkassk, where he went to conduct an investigation of the riots of the workers. He managed to get out», — the journalist writes.

«In 1978, the Bulgarian writer-emigrant Georgi Markov is much less fortunate. He was jabbed with an umbrella one of these people politely apologized with a slight Slavic accent, the same evening he fell ill and died four days later in terrible agony,» — the Mandeville. Later, «KGB General Oleg Kalugin said, as the Bulgarian leader Todor Zhivkov, has turned to Russian poisoners».

«After 1991, a number of opposition leaders and entrepreneurs died, victims of a strange poisoning, for example, an entrepreneur Ivan Kivelidi and liberal Deputy and journalist Yuri Shchekochikhin. Risking to get into the minefield Vaksberg in his book comes to what makes a hypothesis about the murder (…) Anatoly Sobchak in 2000, right before the election of his protégé,» — said in the article.

«In the case of Litvinenko the report of judge Owen, the result of eighteen-month investigation, said that, likely for a terrorist attack using polonium was the Russian government. BuzzFeed, based on a dossier from the CIA, says that in recent years, 14 other Russian or British citizens were killed or «committed suicide» in circumstances suggesting the intervention of Russia», — said the author.

Skripal is between life and death, London is preparing the response, and the voices of demanding the resumption of the investigation of these cases, the sums Mandeville.

Yesterday British Ministers «came under pressure from the supporters point of view that it is necessary to order the boycott of the world Cup, coming to Russia,» writes correspondent of The Daily Mail.

«Piling up evidence of Russia’s involvement in the attack using nerve gas in Salisbury, and members of Parliament wondered whether England participate in this tournament,» — said in the article.

«Sources in Whitehall say that just a few days, investigators will be able to tell whether Russia is involved in the attempted assassination of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia,» reports the tabloid.

«Tom Tugendhat, Chairman of the foreign Affairs Committee of the house of Commons said that Ministers should encourage allies to join in a coordinated boycott the world Cup as part of a broader package of punishments of the Putin regime. He described as «extraordinary» the fact that the tournament is held in a country where «murder is an instrument of state policy».

«The former Minister-labour’s Chris Bryant said that the English football team will be «very difficult» to perform in the world Cup if it is proved that Moscow was involved in the attack,» the article says.

«Theresa may last night said that Britain «will do what you must ( … ) if it is proved that the sponsor of the assassination was the [Russian] state,» convey the authors.

The Western media about the case of the double agent: piling up the evidence in favor of Russia’s involvement 09.03.2018

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