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The zika virus have been found in Australia and Thailand

The two Australians who have returned from the Caribbean, was discovered the fever virus zika, and at Sydney airport found mosquitoes carrying fever, however, local experts believe that the possibility of further breeding of mosquitoes.

Previously from Thailand reported that 22-year-old villager was also infected with the fever, but was discharged from the hospital after hospitalization.

On 1 February the world health organization (who) declared emergencies on a global scale the rapid spread of the virus zika, which led to thousands of births of children with microcephaly.

Zika fever in its acute form, usually does not result in death of the patient, but to the end of his life remains a carrier of the virus. The virus is most dangerous for pregnant women, as it causes fetal microcephaly with potential severe brain damage.

The only way to resist the virus, Zeke currently is the fight against mosquitoes that are vectors.

Head of the division of ultrasound at the hospital «Liss» in the medical center «Ichilov», Professor Gustavo Malinger after an internship in Brazil, said the Israeli journalists that in the near future can the Israelis not to fear the epidemic, as mosquito vectors of zika fever prefer warm and humid climate. Speaking about low probability of spread of the virus zika in Israel, Professor of Malinger made a reservation: «In any case, it is not dangerous for us at the moment».

The zika virus have been found in Australia and Thailand 02.02.2016

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