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«The Zionist camp» against «Yesh Atid»: Lapid accused of involvement in the «case of submarines»

Thursday, July 13, the head of the «Zionist camp» meirav Michaeli accused the leader of the «Yesh Atid» indirect involvement in the scandal submarines.

«As Finance Minister, Lapid was a supervisor chief auditor Ministry of Finance, which made the acquisition of submarines with the help of illegal loans taken in the Bank «Diskont,» wrote Michael in his account on the microblog Twitter. – There are two possibilities: either the Treasurer reported Lapidus on the illegal loan, and he didn’t understand what she says, or she didn’t tell him, but in this case, the question arises: what does that say about the Minister, if the officials do not put a penny».

Editorial was addressed in a press-service of the head of «Yesh Atid» with the request to comment on this episode. Comment will be posted immediately upon receipt.

The leaders of the «Yesh Atid» and «Zionist camp» are exchanged in the last days attacks on the background of the election of AVI GABA. Surveys conducted after his election, testify to the growing popularity of the «Zionist camp» and the downgrading of the party of Yair Lapid. July 12, Lapid gave an interview to the Second channel ITV, in which he said: «AVI Gabay is a good guy, who is apparently everything that is happening in the country. But he has no idea of what a military-political Cabinet during the war, what the economy out of crisis, what is to change the position of the foreign Ministers of the European countries. It’ll take a few years to learn».

July 13, gabai gave an interview to radio station «Galey TSAHAL». «Great experience – it’s not always an advantage, he said. – Military-political Cabinet, who led the operation «Indestructible rock» is not a role model».

«The Zionist camp» against «Yesh Atid»: Lapid accused of involvement in the «case of submarines» 13.07.2017

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