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«The Zionists in the Mosque of the Prophet»: an Israeli visits a Muslim Shrine

An Israeli citizen named Ben Zion, 31 years, born in the Russian city of Rostov-on-don, caused a scandal in social networks. He visited many Muslim shrines, where the Israelis were denied entry and had posted pictures on the Internet.

About it writes on Wednesday, November 22, edition of the Times of Israel.

Ben Zion visited the mosques of Iran, Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, and the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah is the second most important Shrine of Islam. The Israelis claimed to have taken his dubious voyage driven by a sense of love and respect for the people of these countries and their religion.

Other religions are forbidden to visit Mecca and district of the Medina, where the prophet’s Mosque, however, Zion argues that these shrines are open to the public.

On his page in social network Instagram the Israeli blogger posted the following: «Pray for peace in the middle East and around the world with my Arab brothers, but also Jews, Muslims, Christians, Copts, Druze, Bedouin and all the descendants of Abraham, also known under the name of Ibrahim. Salam and Shalom».

One of the photos, posted online, Zion posing with a bag where you can read the inscription in Hebrew, as well as with Tefillin – prayer accessories of the Jews.

His photos sparked heated debate on the social network Twitter, under the hashtag «a Zionist in the Mosque of the Prophet» and has collected more than 100,000 tweets and a lot of angry responses. This resonance led to the closure of an account in Zion of the network Instagram.

The blogger claims that in none of these places he felt no hostility from the Muslims: «They approached me, asked where I came from and when I answered that from Jerusalem, they said,» Wow! Welcome!»

Zion immigrated to Israel in 2014, and before that studied management at Boston Babson College.

He claims that he entered the territory of Arab countries is legal – under these documents and visas, but what kind of passport used, it doesn’t.

Note that sixteen Muslim countries, including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria and Iraq, do not recognize Israeli passports. Eight of them keep the country, even those travelers who have an Israeli visa as used, and not used.

«The Zionists in the Mosque of the Prophet»: an Israeli visits a Muslim Shrine 23.11.2017

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