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«Three nights with rose and Jack»: Hollywood stars saved the life of a cancer patient a Brit

29-year-old Gemma Nuttall from Rossendale, Lancashire in the North West of the UK, I learned about being sick with ovarian cancer during a routine gynecological examination. The woman who bore the child, refused treatment so as not to harm the baby.

After birth, the doctors said that the cancer moved into the terminal stage, and help the patient is impossible – she will not live more than six months, writes the Sunday, February 4, the British newspaper the Mirror.

Gemma and her mother learned that in Germany there is a «magic hospital», where they help cancer patients in the fourth stage, however, the treatment costs 300,000 pounds. They announced the fundraising in social networks – and then to help suddenly came the Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.

They auctioned «Three nights with Jack and rose» was the name they played the characters of the cult film «Titanic». The winner received the gift of dinner with the actors in Saint-Tropez, where the Fund DiCaprio, and the money collected went to pay for medical expenses.

The treatment lasted five months, and held after this time the tests confirmed that the cancer had receded and metastases are not detected. Gemma Nutall and her daughter Penelope, who was born quite healthy, thank you so much Kate and Leonardo.

«Three nights with rose and Jack»: Hollywood stars saved the life of a cancer patient a Brit 04.02.2018

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