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«To dig and to come»: the video released in support of the Hamas tunnels. VIDEO

The Jafra Foundation released a video for «Dig and advance» («to Dig and to come»), who says that civilians in the Gaza strip fully supportive of the work on creation of underground tunnels.

The heroes of this movie are children, doctor, journalist, Builder, explaining that the tunnels are necessary for survival under occupation and blockade, reports The Jerusalem Post.

This video is shared in social networks. Formally, it can hardly be called material promoting terror. But it is obvious that the movie created to support Hamas.

The heroes of this movie are the Hamas militants who are digging tunnels between Gaza – the authors of the clip is called their «men of the tunnels.»

Participants of the film suggests that these people are involved in the «resistance» underground at the time, as most Palestinians are fighting the occupation on the earth’s surface. Behind the scenes heard a voice saying that the tunnels will be dug out to the al-Aqsa mosque (in Jerusalem). Two Schoolgirls say «man tunnels» will regain their lost land. The doctor claims that the work «men of the tunnels» is more important than the work of physicians as they «save the nation» at the time, as doctors can only save individual lives.

Member of the legislative Assembly of the Gases from the «Islamic resistance movement» (Hamas) Salam Salame, speaking as one of the participants of the shooting suggests that the aim of digging tunnels – protection of the national honour of the Palestinian people.

A fragment of a video in support of Gaza tunnels

«To dig and to come»: the video released in support of the Hamas tunnels. VIDEO 21.02.2016

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