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To the rocket fire, the IDF responded with artillery fire

In the evening of 20 December, the press service of the IDF reported that in response to rocket fire into Israeli territory was an artillery strike on the positions of militants in southern Lebanon. Thus in the message it is noted that responsibility for the rocket fire Israel holds the Lebanese army in control of the territory, which had been launched missiles.

Earlier, the press service of the IDF reported that Israel had released at least three missiles. They all fell on undeveloped areas without causing damage.

In response to the actions of the mayor of Shlomi and Nahariya were ordered to open the city shelters. Radio station «Sieves Beth» gave representatives the logistics have not changed the recommendations for the population and local authorities in Northern localities, and at the moment there is no need in public bomb shelters.

Lebanese media reported that the missile launch was carried out from southern Lebanon controlled by Hizbullah and, apparently, is the answer to the elimination of Samir Kuntar. Israeli observers say that the Secretary General of Hizbullah Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah made it clear recently that his organization at this stage is not interested in armed conflict with Israel. However, as experts underline, the attack was to be carried out by supporters of Kuntar.

In less than an hour before the shelling of the TV station «al-Manar» belonging to Hezbollah, reported that on Monday, 21 December, the organisation’s Secretary General Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah will deliver a special statement. The speech Nasrallah will be aired on 20:30 local time. The TV channel has not informed, what topic will focus on the speech of the Secretary General of Hizbullah, however, emphasized that it was not planned in advance.

To the rocket fire, the IDF responded with artillery fire 20.12.2015

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