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Tonight is expected a partial lunar Eclipse: the Israelis will see the «bloody moon»

On Monday evening, August 7, in Israel, as in many other countries of Europe, Africa and Asia, and Australia will experience a partial lunar Eclipse. No luck this time the Americans, but on 21 August, they will witness a solar Eclipse.

A partial lunar Eclipse can be observed with telescopes or binoculars, but to the naked eye.

Best lunar Eclipse this time will be visible from East Africa, South Asia and Western Australia.

Online all phases of a lunar Eclipse can be seen on the websites or

A lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth, Sun and Moon line up on one axis, so the shadow of the Earth covers the sun’s light reflected in her natural companion. During the blackout, reflecting the earth’s atmosphere refracted the sunlight, the Moon may acquire a reddish or orange tint, so this phenomenon is also called «bloody Moon».

The current partial lunar Eclipse precedes the so-called «Great American Eclipse» on August 21 is expected to complete solar Eclipse, which can be seen only in North America, and, partly, in the Northern part of South America and in Western Europe.

Astronomers like to remind you that between lunar and solar eclipses can be seen another beautiful natural phenomenon: the August meteoric shower. In the night from 12 to 13 August, the activity of the meteor shower the Perseids will be at its maximum, this night can be seen in the sky up to 100 «shooting stars» per hour.

Tonight is expected a partial lunar Eclipse: the Israelis will see the «bloody moon» 07.08.2017

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