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Took place the funeral of Pogranichniy adas Malki, killed by terrorists

In the night of Sunday, June 18, at the military cemetery in Ashdod took place the funeral of warrant officer of the border police (the MAGICIAN) adas Malki, killed by terrorists near Damascus gate in Jerusalem.

At the ceremony, which began at 0:30, was attended by thousands of people, including politicians and representatives of the command of the border guard service and the police. At the funeral were made by internal security Minister Gilad Erdan and the inspector General of police, Roni Alsheikh.

At the request of the family, the ceremony was covered by the media.

On the eve of the funeral of the commander of the border police (the MAGICIAN) major General Yaakov Shabtai visited the family of adas Malka, living in the village of Ezer in the regional Council, be’er Tuvia.

On Sunday, Israeli Newspapers carried stories of friends and relatives adas Malki, who speak of her as the girl who considered it their duty to serve the country and to ensure the safety of citizens. Since childhood adas fond of sports, she participated in a joint soccer game teenagers from Israel and the Palestinian authority.

After school, adas Malka was called in the combat units of the IDF. She was serving in the Navy of the IDF, however, seven months after the appeal adas made the transfer to the MAGICIAN, and after military service 15 months ago signed a contract on long.

When 3 Feb 2016 near the Damascus gate of the terrorists was killed 19-year-old pogranichnitsa Adar Cohen, adas has written that he considers the dead heroine, which should become an example of courage for all who serve in the border guard.

Colleagues say that adas Malka was the «older sister» for women who served in the border police in Jerusalem. She was not afraid of anyone and always sought to be at the forefront, say those who’ve served with her.

The attack was carried out on June 16, around 19:40, in Jerusalem, on Sultan Suleiman street. According to sources, this attack was carried out by three terrorists who opened fire on police and soldiers MAGICIAN and tried to attack them with bladed weapons. Two of the attackers were shot and killed. But one managed to escape and reached the Damascus gate, where came from behind on the employee of the border police Malka Hadas and stabbed her several times with a knife. The soldiers opened fire MAGE on the attackers, with the result that he was destroyed.

Adas Malka was taken to the hospital, «Hadassah Ein Kerem» in critical condition. Despite the efforts of doctors, she died.

Took place the funeral of Pogranichniy adas Malki, killed by terrorists 18.06.2017

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